Provincial Defense Council asses work to fight Covid-19 in several municipalities of Granma

The members of the Provincial Defense Council analyzed the work carried out in the municipalities of Niquero, Campechuela, Guisa and Jiguaní, to achieve the confrontation and control of the current Covid-19 outbreak.

During the analysis, Dr. Pablo Feal Cañizares, national director of the Health Promotion and Prevention of Communicable Diseases, stressed that in relation to Niquero there advances have seen, but they must continue to demand compliance with the measures.

Regarding Campechuela, the specialist who makes up the group of experts that works along with Granma authorities, said that they should not neglect the monitoring of national travelers, extreme border control and increase the isolation of contacts of positive and suspected cases of contagion with the new coronavirus.

When evaluating the Guisa municipality, Dr. Marcos del Risco del Río, National Director of Human Resources of Public Health and at the head of the group of experts, insisted on the quality of the searches in communities with high rates of contagion and in other actions that will allow a better confrontation with the pandemic.

Referring to Jiguaní, del Risco del Río explained that no results have yet been achieved that show control of the disease.

At the end of this analysis, Dr. Yelenis Elías Montes, Granma´s Director of Public Health, reflected on the review of the measures established for areas of restriction of movement or in quarantine, where the provisions must be strictly complied.

In the provincial Defense Council, Federico Hernández, president of that body, also evaluated the supply of viands, fruits and vegetables to agricultural markets, the offers of food products, the collection of solid waste and the sale of liquefied gas.

He also pointed out the change in the personnel working in the groups to fight against coleros and to continue checking the fulfillment of their work for the benefit of the people.

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