Medical student in the fight against Covid-19 in red zone

To be in the red zone caring for Covid-19 positive patients is a great experience for the Bayames girl  Dayanis García Gutiérrez about to graduate as a doctor.

¨I am in the red zone in the isolation center at the Medical Sciences College of Bayamo. Here we help in the kitchen serving food to patients, give them snacks. We also do the cleaning of the rooms and the corridors, of the hygiene of the institution¨.

¨We provide support to patients, every time we get to their room, we maintain the necessary distance but we talk with them, we wish them good morning, we ask them how they feel, with a lot of affection so that they feel better¨.

¨My classmates and I are very encouraged, offering our contribution in the face of this pandemic. Here, most of us are almost doctors, and we are hopeful that this terrible pandemic will soon end¨.

¨Also, we have an excellent staff of doctors and nurses who support, teach and help us here¨.

The young girl Bayames, a sixth-year medical student, is part of that great youth troop that fights Covid-19 in Cuba from the red zone.

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