Lázaro Blanco to seek the title of the 60 SNB for Granma

The right-handed Lázaro Blanco Matos will go out today on the grass of the José Antonio Huelga stadium, in Sancti Spíritus, in search of a victory against the champion Matanzas that will assure Granma the title of the 60th National Baseball Series (SNB) and the third in the history of local classics.

“We go with our best pitcher to see if we can finish the series. We know that we will face a great rival, such as Yoani Yera, but we are going to try to win the crown now”, said Carlos Benítez Pérez, the Alaznes´s captain.

Blanco Matos will face the left-hander Yoani Yera Montalvo, in what will be a replacement of the first duel of the final between Alazanes and Cocodrilos, in which the Granma team won (3-2).

On that occasion Blanco Matos allowed two earned runs, due to homers by Yadil Mujica Díaz and Aníbal Medina Pérez, in eight complete innings, to credit his fifth wins in this postseason, without defeat.

“I have prepared well during these four days to launch the fifth game of the grand final and I think it will be a great show,” said Yara’s right.

“I’m going against Yoani Yera- who is a great pitcher, but, the one who does the best will win,” said Blanco Matos.
“I hope things go well for me, I always go to the field to give my best, I come with the highest possible concentration and the field will be the one that has the last word,” he said.

On the opposite side, Yera Moltavo took the loss after walking the entire route, allowing three earned runs, with five hits, 11 strikeouts and one walk.

“We are going to go out and win the game,” said left-handed Yera Montalvo, who acknowledged that his rival Lázaro Blanco is in excellent competitive shape, but “the he can lose at any time.”

“I’m going for the victory and I know I’m going to achieve it,” affirmed Yera.

On the other hand, Blanco Matos will also go out today to seek his sixth win in the postseason, which places him as the best pitchers in average won and lost in this instance and equals in number of victories with Yosvani Torres (6-2) from Pinar del Río.

The Alazanes beat the Cocodrilos yesterday by knockout of 15-5, in seven innings, and put the playoff for the Cuban title 3-1 in their favor.

The team led by the experienced mentor Carlos Martí Santos won its first title in the history of Cuban baseball in the 56 SNB and repeated this feat in the following season (57 SNB), on both occasions it left its way to the semifinals current rival Matanzas.

If it won this campaign, it would be his third crown for the Granma´s team in the last five years.

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