A computer tool to speed up PCR results applied in Granma

A computer solution to control the results of the PCR in real time test and to make decisions at the Provincial Command Post for the control of Covid-19 and in isolation centers of Granma, is the tool created by programmers as a result of the link Academy-Government-Society.
The application, a technological solution at the service of the citizen, has been designed by professors from the Technology Department of the University of Granma, at the request of the provincial direction of Health, said Ms. Olga Miyares Marrero, head of the provincial department of Health Informatics.

The aforementioned tool is already installed in the provincial command post of confrontation to the Covid-19, and the 64 isolation centers that the province currently has, have access to it, both through the health network, as well as through point cu. , and your consultation can be made even by a mobile phone without an Internet connection.

Computer engineer Erodis Pérez Michel, professor of the Technology Department at the University of Granma, a member of the development team, pointed out that evaluating and deciding on sample results was a difficult task that took significant time.

He stated the computer science that is a response from Granma to streamline the handling of PCR results.
Likewise, the computer engineer Erodis Pérez Michel, professor at the Department of Technology at the University of Granma, also referred to the characteristics of this tool.

¨This computer tool, developed by professors from the University of Granma´s technology department, also to streamlining the information between the Health command post and the isolation centers to face Covid-19, is high, it directly benefits the citizen, providing information essential on their health condition in the epidemic, based on the results of real-time PCR; reduces the length of stay of patients; optimizes the space of each isolation center and contributes to the economy by reducing expenses for length of stay.

It is also a tool developed under the free software paradigm, which shows once again the possibility of achieving technological sovereignty, in the process of computerization of society.

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