The Educa tu Hijo (Education your child) program consolidates the comprehensive formation of children between the ages of 0 to 6 with the cooperation of volunteers in all of the territory’s People’s Councils, according to Loraine Ortega Rosales, methodologist that attends the education sector.

She added that these collaborators belong to several grass roots organizations and institutions in the province with close ties with the community, thanks to their example and specializing in the concept of the program.

The specialist explained that they organize the work along with representatives of the coordinating group in the 142 People’s councils in the territory, they carry out children population census and characterize the families to offer personalized attention to the children.

Ortega Rosales expressed that this joint task allows the incorporation of several members of a home in programs like pregnant families, safe homes, welcoming a baby, Cubaila, gymnastics, projects that are favorable for their integration among others.

In the Educate your child program, the role of the adult in the family environment is the fundamental principle for quality education, that is why it is necessary to guarantee its preparation to promote the comprehensive development of a child, said the specialist.

She stressed that the objective of the education level at that age is to achieve a maximum comprehensive development in children from their birth to 6 years of age. With this objective the program is also directed to penitentiary installations in the territory.

The specialist highlighted that Granma province applies its experience in the communities in conjunction with health and sports works and members of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) and the Small Farmers Association (ANAP) among others.

Educa Tu Hijo program was officially founded in January of 1992 starting from the results obtained after ten years as an experimental project in some communities across the island and Granma became one of the territories chosen in 1981 for the initial test.

The people linked to the project are capacitated to prepare the family on how to promote the development of children. Pamphlets were created for the support personnel and family explaining the abilities and advances of the children during the different periods of their lives.

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