The Plaza of the National Anthem is in the historical center of the city. It is a large size located at the south. Adjoining to the San Salvador of Bayamo Church, to which it is historically linked.

The former San Salvador of Bayamo Church´s Square date from the founding of the village around 1514.

Many significant events took place there. The most important from which it takes its current name was when the city was taken by the revolutionary forces on October 20th, 1868. And the Bayamesa march composed by Pedro ¨Perrcho¨ Figueredo was sung for the fist time by the Bayamo people. Later this march become the Cuba National Anthem.

Most of the old squares has changed throughout history, but it is the only one that preserves the characteristics of esplanades and in the popular speaking it is identified as Plaza. Close there are exponents which survived the set on fire on January 12th, 1869, such as the Chapel of the Dolores, whose baroque altar is a jewel of the 18th century of Bayamo.

The Cuban Nationality House, La Casona restaurant and the post office building, where the patriot Perucho Figueredo lived and other facilities are located in and around the Plaza.

The Plaza of the Anthem is one of the most peaceful places of the city. Currently, the plaza hosts many public events, performances, establishing itself as one of the tourist attraction of Bayamo.




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