The 23 edition of the Flower Fair will take place on May 11 and 12, in the capital of Granma province.

Sponsored by the Municipal Directorate of Culture in Bayamo and the Ñico López Museum Park, the traditional celebrations is held a few days before the Mother’s Day.

Among the main attractions of the Flower Fair will be the contest for the election of the Queen and her Ladies, which will award not only the beauty, but the aspirants´skills and knowledge.

The event contestants must live in Bayamo, must be between the ages of 15 and 22 years old and to be more than 1.60 cm tall. They must have a good image and good social behavior.

Likewise, the competitors must show knowledge related to History, Literature, Civic Class, Visual and Culinary Arts.

The call for application to this contest will be open until May 4 and the jury´s decision will be indisputable.

Interested young girls can make their registration at the Ñico López Museum Park or at the Assailants Museum.

The Flowers´ Fair is a traditional celebration of the San Juan neighborhood, which was created in the 40s of last century, as a way to collect funds for social works.

Its promoter was Alberto Ramírez Soa, who at that time was Councilor of the First Free City Council of Cuba.

As of 1951 the celebration was interrupted, with the arrival of the remains of the poet José Joaquín Palma, which were deposited in the San Juan Park.

After a revitalization project, the popular festivities were restarted in 1996, by the initiative of the Municipal Directorate of Culture and the Ñico López Museum Park.

The meeting also includes traditional games, culinary exhibitions, the sale of variety foods and dancing.


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