Workers from the educational branch in Granma are incorporated today to the cleaning of schools, in order to get ready  to restart the school year this Tuesday, September 12.

According to Caridad León, the assistance director of the Provincial Education, on this day, classrooms, school materials must be prepared, as well as return the audiovisual and computer media to its place.


She added that the green areas around each schools should be pruned, as well as the collection of garbage and rubbles, left by Irma’s influence over Granma territory.

Likewise, specially should be cleaned the centers that received people, moved there from vulnerable zones, to protect them from the impact of the storm.

Therefore, she added that all the measures indicated in each school must be taken to avoid the spread of transmissible diseases, from the arrival of the students to the centers.

The deputy director of Provincial Education said that in those centers where still protected people remain, workers of the sector prepare the premises not occupied, to resume classes once they return to their homes.

Likewise, she announced that during today thousands of scholarship holder students will move to their schools, based on a transportation program to be announced by the mass media.

After being suspended when  the cyclonic alert phase was declared, the school year will be restarted tomorrow in Granma, with the premise of maintaining and raising educational indicators that place the province among the most outstanding in the country.


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