January 12 , 2018
The patriotic set on fire of the city recalls in Bayamo

One of the most intrepid and impacting events in the struggle for national liberation, the set on fire of Bayamo by its inhabitants will be evoked today, with a patriotic act, in this city, the scene of the event, which took place 149 years ago.

January 12 , 2018
Current Champion Granma first classified to Cuban Baseball Playoff

A hit to the field connected by Geydi Soler at the end of the eighth inning untied 2 runs and Granma shaped its second final in Cuban baseball championship after defeating Matanzas 4-2.

January 11 , 2018
Granma pays homage to Celia Sánchez Manduley

With patriotic acts, talks and performances, the people of Granma remember today the heroine Celia Sánchez Manduley, on the 38th  anniversary of her death.

January 9 , 2018
Provincial assemblies 10th Upec Congress begin in Granma

The process 10th Congress of the Association of Cuban Journalists (Upec) at the provincial level, began on Monday with the assembly of the Granma´s  journalists, who had the privilege to open the debate over their organization.

November 8 , 2017
Bayamo hosts workshop to improve communication of blind and hearing impaired people

The Municipal Workshop of Rehabilitation of Blind and Hearing impaired people takes place in the city of Bayamo.

November 4 , 2017
Big agricultural fair celebrates the 504 anniversary of the Bayamo village´s founding

An big agricultural, gastronomic, sports and cultural fair, is held this Saturday to celebrate the 504th anniversary of the founding of the San Salvador of Bayamo village.

October 20 , 2017
Bayamo recalls popular premiere of National Anthem

As is traditional, the people of Bayamo, along with guests and participants of the Festival of Cuban Identity, on behalf of all Cubans, recalled the first time the National Anthem was sung in public.

September 22 , 2017
Granma´s workers of Radio Cuba reverse the ravages of hurricane Irma  in Camagüey

A brigade from the Territorial Division of Radio Cuba of Granma will begin this week the last phase of the assembly of the Tagarro´ Media Waves tower, demolished by Hurricane Irma, which belongs to the Transmitter Center located in Camagüey.

September 7 , 2017
Cuba on alarm phase for dangerous hurricane Irma

According to the report by the Forecast Center at the Meteorology Institute, Irma continues to be an intense category-five hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale. It maintains the west northwest moving, increasing the its movement speed to 28 kilometers per hour.

August 11 , 2017
Granma pays Tribute to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution

With a day called “Fidel por Siempre” begins in Granma today, the commemoration of the 91 anniversary, next August 13, of the birth of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz.

June 11 , 2017
Radio Talents Awarded in Granma (+ audio)

BAYAMO .- The gala of the thirty-ninth edition of the Radio Festival in Granma, took place today in this city, after intense work sessions by juries specialized in the different categories in the contest.

May 18 , 2017
ANAP President congratulates farmers of Granma on his day (+ audio)

The President of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) Rafael Santiesteban Pozo sent a congratulatory letter to the peasants of Granma on the occasion of its day.

May 17 , 2017
Internet connection project starts in peasant farms of Granma

The province of Granma is carrying out a pilot experience on computerization programs in Cuba; the internet connection project in peasant farms is one of them.

May 5 , 2017
Granma to pay homage to the heroine Celia Sánchez

With the pride of belonging to the land of the heroine, the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) in Granma is carrying out in these days a tribute to Celia Sánchez Manduley, to mark  the 97th anniversary of her birth, next May 9.

May 1 , 2017
Cubans ratified its support to the Revolution and its leaders

Hundreds of thousands of Cubans gathered in plazas, streets and avenues to ratify their support and unconditional support to the Revolution, the Party and its historic leaders, to celebrate the International Workers Day.

May 1 , 2017
May Day celebrations in Granma

Thousand of workers along with their families participate from early this morning  in the parade for the May 1st, International Worker Day,  to rafity their unconditional backing for the Revolution.

May 1 , 2017
May Day parade started in Bayamo

The parade for the May Day,  Worker International´s Day just started at the Plaza de la Patria of Bayamo, capital of the province of Granma.

April 28 , 2017
Frei Betto tours important places in Bayamo

Author of more than fifty books, journalist, philosopher, theologian and activist of the Brazilian struggle, but above all endearing friend of Cuba, the honorable Mr. Frei Betto, is visiting Bayamo, the provincial capital of Granma today.

April 26 , 2017
Fidel is very present in Cuban collaborators (+ audio)

The Bayames doctor José Miguel Santana Saborit, chief of the Cuban medical mission in the Venezuelan state of Cojedes, highlighted the favorable impact of that program in this territory over 14 years. Listen to the interview made by journalist Márcel Santana Docazal, special correspondent of the Cuban radio.

April 18 , 2017
Sugar mill of Granma among the best in Cuba once again

The Enidio Díaz Machado sugar mill, which has traditionally been one with the best results in Granma province, fulfilled its sugar production plan for the eleventh year running, thanks to the most for the industrial yield of 11.52 points, the second highest in the country.

April 6 , 2017
Omara Portuondo will sing in Bayamo

The outstanding Cuban singer Omara Portuondo, known worldwide as “The Diva of Buena Vista Social Club”, will offer a great concert on the April 11 night at the Bayamo Theater, in the capital of Granma, as part of a national tour that develops for these days in the east of Cuba.

April 6 , 2017
26th International Book Fair opened in Bayamo

With the opening gala held on Wednesday night at the Plaza de la Revolución, of Bayamo, opened the 26th edition of the International Book Fair in Granma.

February 13 , 2017
Bayamo said good bye to the players for the World Baseball Classic

A huge representation of residents of this city, said good bye at the Plaza of the Revolution this Sunday, to members of the Granma team that will play as Cuba in the fourth World Baseball Classic.

February 9 , 2017
Granma: electricity and fuel checked by Minister

Alfredo López Valdés, Cuban Minister of Energy and Mines, checked the results of the Control of Electricity and Fuel in the province of Granma.

February 7 , 2017
Archaeological discovery evidence on aboriginal settlement in Rio Cauto

Human remains dating back about two and three thousand years were located by specialists of the Cuban Institute of Anthropology and the province of Granma, during a recent archaeological excavation carried out in the Playa el Mango, in Rio Cauto.

February 1 , 2017
Lázaro Blanco and the challenge to win in the Caribbean Series today

Lázaro Blanco Matos, the best pitcher of the last national season, will have the challenge of bringing the first victory to the Granma Sorrels, Cuba champions, in the Caribbean Series, which will start in the Mexican city of Culiacán today.

January 23 , 2017
Granma Sorrels champion of National Baseball Series

Despite many expectations, the Granma Sorrels were crowned champion of the 56th National Baseball Series for the first time in history, surpassing this Sunday 3-2 to Ciego de Avila team, until yesterday monarch of Cuba.

January 16 , 2017
For the first time, Granma will be in Cuban Baseball Finals

By knocking out Matanzas in the last game of the semifinal playoff, the Granma team became the rival of Ciego de Avila and will have the change to discuss the first place of the Cuban baseball championship.

December 23 , 2016
Ex baseball player Agustín Arias passed away in Granma

Former player Agustín Arias Tornés, winner of six gold medals and one silver with the Cuba baseball team at international events, died on Thursday in this city at the age of 74, as result of a bacterial bronchopneumonia.

December 19 , 2016
Reunion of Fidel and Raúl recalled

The commanders of the Revolution Ramiro Valdés Menéndez and Guillermo García Frías presided this Sunday the political-cultural event on the 60th anniversary of the reunion of Fidel and Raúl in Cinco Palmas.

December 15 , 2016
Provincial Culture Awards granted in Granma

The Provincial Culture Awards were granted this December 14th, on the occasion of the Culture Worker Day, to outstanding artists and intellectual of the province of Granma.

December 6 , 2016
Granma will hold National Agricultural Fair

The national agricultural fair will be held in this city from December 9 to 18, which will include product sales, rodeo and tame championships, animal exhibitions and other actions.

December 2 , 2016
The Caravan of Freedom with the ashes of Fidel arrives in Bayamo

With the conviction that Fidel Castro Ruz will never be forgotten, the people of Bayamo received the Caravan of Freedom carrying the ashes of the Commander in Chief today.

November 30 , 2016
Granma people to pay homage to Fidel

The people of Granma, land bound to the insurrectional history of Fidel, will pay tribute to the mortal remains of the Commander in Chief, when arrive in our southeastern territory next Friday between 4:00 and 6:00 pm.

November 28 , 2016
Cuba people pay homage to Fidel Castro

The Cubans pay posthumous tribute to the historic leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro, who died last Friday at 90.

November 27 , 2016
Memories of Fidel in Granma


November 26 , 2016
Leaders from Around the World Express Condolences on Fidel Castro’s Death

The presidents of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, and Bolivia, Evo Morales, were among the first world leaders to express their sorrow over the death this Friday of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.  They both gave statements to the teleSUR news channel shortly after the release in Havana of the sad news by President

November 22 , 2016
Cuban Hero Ramón Labañino exchanged with Economists of Manzanillo

An emotional meeting with economists of Manzanillo held in this southeastern territory of Granma province, Ramón Labañino Salazar, Hero of the Republic of Cuba and Vice President of the Association of Economists and Accountants (ANEC) in our country.

November 22 , 2016
Granma stopped Villa Clara winning streak in Cuban baseball

With its victory (3-1) at the Augusto César Sandino Stadium, the Granma’s baseball team stopped the winning streak of its similar of Villa Clara, with eight successes in a row.

November 16 , 2016
Granma Baseball Team defeated Matanzas

With a super ¨nocaut¨ the Granma baseball team defeated Matanzas at the Mártires de Barbados Stadium of Bayamo tonight, concluding the fourth subseries of the second stage of the 56th National Baseball Season.

November 16 , 2016
Cuba’s Military Exercise “Bastión 2016” Begins Today

Cuba’s annual military exercise “Bastión 2016” begins today and runs through the November 18th, as part of the national efforts to maintain the country’s defense preparedness. 

November 14 , 2016
Combatants awarded in Bayamo

A representation of members and leaders of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution received in Bayamo, the medal for the 60th Anniversary of the Revolutionary Armed Forces.

November 11 , 2016
The people of Granma to denounce blockade this November 17

Citizens of Granma province will raise its voice again this November 17 to denounce the hostile policy of the Blockade, imposed on Cuba by the United States, more than five decades ago.

November 3 , 2016
Bayamo Prize to be granted to outstanding personalities and projects

The Provincial Committee of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) in Granma, announced this Wednesday the winners of the 2016 Bayamo Prize, an award instituted to praise the creative work of intellectuals and artists who contribute with their life and work to the Granma sociocultural development.

October 24 , 2016
Women of Granma raised to condemn U.S. blockade

The women of Granma province raised their voices this Sunday against the interventionist policies and the economic blockade imposed by the United States to our nation.

October 19 , 2016
Fiesta de la Cubanía, festival of traditions

Important figures of Cuban son attend in this city, to the space ¨Son con tres¨, that enliven every night of the 22 Fiesta de la Cubanía, an event in which reflect on the country’s culture and enjoy arts.

October 19 , 2016
Edition of the Caimán Barbudo Magazine dedicated to intellectual Bladimir Zamora

Through memories, stories and experiences about the poet and journalist Bladimir Zamora Céspedes (1952- 2016) was presented in Bayamo, number 394 issue of the Caimán Barbudo cultural magazine, dedicated to this author.

September 19 , 2016
Wax sculpture of Nicolas Guillen will be unveiled at the Bayamo Museum

A wax sculpture of the National Poet, Nicolas Guillen will be unveiled in the city of Bayamo on October 20th, during the celebrations for the Cuban Culture Day.

September 13 , 2016
Granma hosts International Meeting of Solidarity with Puerto Rico

The chapter of the province of Granma of the International Meeting “Tenemos memoria” (we have memory) against the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba and solidarity with Puerto Rico takes places in the coastal municipality of Manzanillo.

September 1 , 2016
Granma: More than six thousand young to study Medical Sciences

The Celia Sanchez Manduley University of Medical Sciences, located in the coastal city of Manzanillo in the Granma province, will begin the 2016 – 2017 school year with a registration of six thousand 500 students of all specialties.

August 23 , 2016
Workers recognized on the 94 anniversary of the Cuban Radio in Granma

Workers with an outstanding path in the radio field of Granma province were recognized in Bayamo, on the 94 anniversary of the first radio broadcasting in Cuba.

August 17 , 2016
Lidis Lamorú tours the Granma province

Cuban singer Lidis Lamorú presents the children’s show ¨Sueño y Fantasia¨ (Dream and Fantasy ) in several municipalities of the province of Granma, as part of the activities organized for this summer season.

August 15 , 2016
Sculpture of Teofilo Stevenson unveiled in Bayamo´s Wax Museum

A sculpture of Teofilo Stevenson Lawrence, best amateur boxer in history and close friend of Fidel Castro, was unveiled  at the Wax Museum of this city of Bayamo, the only one of its type in Cuba, on the occasion of the 90th birthday of the Commander in Chief.

August 3 , 2016
Carnival Bayamo 2016 to open tonight

The show ¨Añejo Cuba¨, conceived from Cuban musical rhythms like rumba, son, bolero and conga, will open the Bayamo Carnival 2016,  at the Plaza de Fiestas tonight.

August 1 , 2016
Machado exchanged with leadership of the livestock enterprises of Granma

Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, second secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), exchanged with leadership of the livestock enterprises in the province of Granma on the need to implement measures that allow face the next dry season.

July 26 , 2016
Cuba celebrates 63 anniversary of the Assault on the Moncada garrison

Cubans commemorated the anniversary 63 of the assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes barracks today, with a central act in the province of Sancti Spiritus, recognized for its economic and social outcomes.

July 18 , 2016
University of Granma dedicated graduation to the 90 birthday of Fidel

The first graduation of the integrated University of Granma took place on Sunday at the Bayamo Theater, dedicated to the 90th birthday of Fidel, and 40 of the constitution of the higher education network in Cuba.

July 14 , 2016
The Wax Museum of Bayamo marks its 12 anniversary

The Wax Museum of Bayamo, the only one in Cuba, celebrates todays its 12 anniversary of founding, with the satisfaction of having reached a million of visitors in this more than a decade of services.

June 28 , 2016
Summer season to begin on Saturday, July 2 in Granma

Concerts, mobile cinemas, agricultural fairs, sports and recreational festivals, visits to historical sites and initiatives in 52 swimming areas will enliven the Summer 2016 in the province of Granma, which will be opened on July 2.

June 22 , 2016
Primary teacher school will be open in Manzanillo

The Rubén Bravo Álvarez primary teacher School of Manzanillo will open next 2016 – 2017 academic year to receive more than 300 students of the province Granma.

June 22 , 2016
Tribute to Francisco Vicente Aguilera in Bayamo

The homages to the 195 birthday anniversary of the prominent leader Francisco Vicente Aguilera and Tamayo, will begin today in this eastern city, where he was born on June 23, 1821.

May 5 , 2016
Flower Fair to celebrate Mother Day to begin in Bayamo

The traditional Flowers Fairs will be held in Bayamo next Friday and Saturday, dedicated to the 90th birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution and the Mother Day.

May 3 , 2016
Lazaro Exposito awarded Title of Hero of the Republic of Cuba

Identify himself with the concerns of his people is a constant challenge in the life of Lazaro Exposito Canto, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Santiago de Cuba, awarded with the title of Hero of Labor  in Havana.

April 29 , 2016
First animated audiovisual on Bayamo set on fire premiered

The first animated audiovisual on the set on fire of Bayamo by its inhabitants, called ¨La ciudad Invicta¨(the undefeated city), was premiered here recently , attended by historians, filmmakers, pioneers, youth and other guests.

April 29 , 2016
Granma: Half a million of people to parade on May Day

About 500 thousand workers and their families will parade in the 13 municipalities of the province of Granma next May Day, International Workers’ Day.

April 17 , 2016
Conference Creador de la Patria in tribute to Cespedes in Bayamo

The 27TH commemorative conference ¨Creador de la Patria¨,  dedicated to the 197th anniversary of the birth of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, Father of the Nation is held in Bayamo.  

April 11 , 2016
Book Fair 2016 closed with cultural gala

With an artistic gala at the first Revolution Square in Cuba, the 25th Book Fair for the province of Granma closed this Sunday in the city of Bayamo.

April 11 , 2016
Rogelio Martinez Fure´s work highlighted in the Book Fair of Granma

Writers and other people related to culture honored here the folklorist, essayist and professor Rogelio Martinez Fure, who the 25th Book Fair is dedicated to.

April 4 , 2016
Specimen of a threaten flora recovered in “Cupaynicú” Botanical Garden

Declared extinct since 1945 the plant named Begonia cowelli, an endemic species of the Granma province, was rediscovered in the municipality of Bartolome Maso in 2014 and now grows and reproduces in the collections of the “Cupaynicú” Botanical Garden belonging to this eastern territory.

January 21 , 2016
Shrimp catching season begins in Manzanillo

Workers of the Guacanayabo Gulf belonging to ¨Andres Lujan Vazquez¨ Industrial Fishing Company of Granma (EPIGRAM), left to sea on Wednesday after knowing of the lifting of the ban for the shrimp, main export product of the entity.

January 20 , 2016
The campaign “Fidel Among Us” launches today

The advertising campaign “Fidel among us,” the celebration in Granma for the 90th birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, will be launched here Wednesday on radio network from the headquarters of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba at 3 o´clock in the afternoon.

January 14 , 2016
Arlenis fourth in the timed trial

Cyclist Arlenis Sierra from Manzanillo, Granma province, reached the four best position in the individual timed and today was the best of her team, but she remains in the struggle for the podiums of the Third Female Tour of San Luis.

January 14 , 2016
Bayames Poet Awarded at World 2015 Nósside Poetry Contest

Bayames Poet Lucía Muñoz Maceo was granted a special recognition prize at the World Nósside 2015 Poetry Contest that was sponsored by the World Head Office of the UNESCO institution for poetry.

January 12 , 2016
Evening for the set on fire to Bayamo

¨Volver el fuego¨(come back the fire) is the title of the political-cultural gala which will be held in the National Anthem´s Plaza tonight, in Bayamo, to commemorate the 147 anniversary of the historic set on fire to the city.

December 29 , 2015
Agriculture groups acknowledged  in Granma

Workers, specialists and outstanding groups were acknowledged for their outcomes obtained in the agricultural sector in the Granma province during 2015 on occasion of the 57 anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

December 29 , 2015
The Pope in Cuba


February 20 , 2015
Images from Ecuador II

Beautiful images from  Ecuador. It´s a republic in northwestern South America, on the Pacific coast. Population 14,573,100 (est. 2009); Capital, Quito; Languages, Spanish (official), Quechua

February 8 , 2015
Images from Ecuador

Beautiful images from  Ecuador. It´s a republic in northwestern South America, on the Pacific coast. Population 14,573,100 (est. 2009); Capital, Quito; Languages, Spanish (official), Quechua

January 28 , 2015
Granma people pay homage to Martí with Torch March

Thousands of young people of Bayamo took part at the traditional torch march last night, as a tribute to the 162 anniversary of the birth of the Cuban National Hero José Martí.

January 14 , 2015
Granma, Cuba
January 9 , 2015
The dark result of passion

One night in 2002, Misladys de la Cruz Álvarez knew the true dimension of word “tragedy”. She was victim of terrible event that definitely change her life. “When I meet him, he seemed a passive man. He had not a low cultural level. However, he was obsessing with me. At trial he was pronounced passional

January 7 , 2015
Granma is the largest producer of organic honey

Beekeepers in Granma reaffirmed as the largest producer of organic honey, with nearly four hundred and ten tons last year, fifty three percent more than their plan, told to Radio Bayamo , Enrique Albu Zayas-Bazán.

December 26 , 2014
On-line Work, How Do We Do It in Radio Bayamo?

How has web development been affected in official media in Cuba by use of blogs? That question is this time answered from the experience of The Digital Redaction of Radio Bayamo.

December 17 , 2014
Honoris Causa for Alfredo Diez Nieto

The University of Arts will grant the Honoris Causa Doctoral Degree to professor, musician and composer Alfredo Diez Nieto next December 22, at 4 pm in the Main Hall of that institution.

December 16 , 2014
Mártires de Barbados is dressed up

The renovation and maintenance works in the Mártires de Barbados Stadium, of Bayamo will receive a workforce support today in order to the tasks will be ready before the All-Star Game to be held on December 27- 28.

November 21 , 2014
Raze People D Zone and Descemer Well Latin Grammys

I danced, played by Enrique Iglesias single and Descemer Cuban People Well and D Zone, reached three Latin Grammy Awards at the XV edition of the most important sound contest the Latin American region.