A different night, where tears and smiles mixed, characterized the meeting among the residents of CDR # 9 “Camilo Cienfuegos”,  in the San Juan district of Bayamo, and the hundred young people of Holguin who, since last August 7, participate in the summer camp “Fidel among us.”

Organized by the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and the Young Communists League in Granma (UJC), the meeting began with the screening of a moving audiovisual on the legacy of the eternal youth and historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, which moistened the faces of several of the young present, many of whom visit Granma for the first time.

Also during the evening the delegation enjoyed the art of the community, bordering on the former Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Barack, in Bayamo, as well as the performance of clowns and mariachi music.

The exchange also included the tasting of home dishes and typical sweets of the Bayamo city, and the sale of La Calle magazine of the CDR, with its special edition # 87 dedicated to the Commander in Chief, after his physical disappearance last  November  25th, 2016.

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