The Cuban Minister of Communications Jorge Luis Perdomo Di-Lella, evaluated on Wednesday in Bayamo the progress of the computerization program in the province.

At a meeting with entities and organizations belonging to the sector in Granma, the Minister stressed the importance of designing strategies to increase computer security and create a culture both in the company and  the population on the use and benefits of computerization.

Representatives of the Telecommunications Company in Granma highlighted their management, achievements, deficiencies and potentialities during 2018.

The province of Granma has 28 3G base stations installed and 119 Wi-Fi areas up to date.

During the meeting with the Minister of Communications, the territorial division of the Radio Cuba in Granma, noted that they continue working on eliminating the dead zones in the territory and on improving the reception of television signals.

The entity highlighted that they are advancing in the installation of eight digital signal transmitters and 11 already provide services in the territory.

At the meeting where the management of the communications sector during 2018 and the projections of the current year was analyzed, the minister highlighted that Granma is the best province in the country in the computerization of mail areas, there are still four units  left to complete this program.



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