After several months of constructive works, La Cubana restaurant opened its door to the public last Thursday and is one of the main cooking options for the summer in this city in the east of the country.

This facility,  erected in the place from where the Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro moved to the Gran Casino lodging on his way to Santiago de Cuba the night before July 26, 1953, had recessed its services in January of this year.

Adalberto Calzado, administrator of the restaurant, told to ACN, that the replacement of lamps,  the improvement of the hydrosanitary network and the change of the air conditioners, painting  were carried out.

The brigades of the Cuban Fund for Cultural Property were in charge of the work, which also included the completion of the entrance floor, that now shows a more elegant touch thanks to the creative by the visual artists Yoel Quesada and Joaquin Rosales, he said.

As he said, in addition to the structural reforms, improvements in decoration and furniture were carried out, which now includes chairs designed especially for babies.

The constructive works favor the comfort and the quality in the service, express Daniel Montero and Yaneisy Espinosa, who are frequent customers of La Cubana, and tasted some spaghetti.

The liked dishes of Italian cuisine and the delights of the Creole culinary art, along with the charms of Cuban cocktails converge in this place that is consolidated among those favorites for the people of Bayamo and visitors.


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