Venezuela is the first country to send humanitarian aid to Cuba, which was severely hit by hurricane Irma during 72 hours causing extensive damage and 10 dead.


The plane 2803 model Y-8 of the Venezuelan Air Force arrived at the Jose Marti International Airport with a message of solidarity on behalf of Venezuelan people and its constitutional President Nicolas Maduro, as well as a 7.3-ton cargo for Cuban damaged people.

Mattresses, water supplies and canned food is the first shipment sent to Cuba, while more aid is being gathered by Venezuela.

When the plane arrived, Venezuelan Minister for Women and Gender Equality Blanca Eekhout stated that Venezuela is at the service of Cuba, at its whole disposal, as a sign of infinite gratitude and solidarity.

‘Cuba has been always with Venezuela in the most difficult times and that is why we are permanently committed to its people and Revolution’, she said.

‘We know that Cuba will overcome this situation because of its level of organization, especially because it is a united people, but it also can count on the solidarity and love of Venezuela’, said Eekhout.

For his part, Cuban Foreign Trade Minister Roberto Lopez praised the goodwill gesture of President Maduro when, from a mission abroad, he supported Cuba at this difficult time.

‘It is the first aid we receive and we reiterate our gratitude, this reaffirms the ties of brotherhood between the two nations’, said Lopez.

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