A brigade of the Territorial Division of Radio Cuba in Granma left for Camagüey this Tuesday  to support the reestablishment of radio and television signals in that territory, after the passage of Hurricane Irma.

José Ángel Matos, member of the contingent, told ACN that they will work constantly to restore all services, including the Radio Rebelde signal and the Telecommunications Company’s services.

Yunior Isnel Blanco, head of the Territorial Division of Radio Cuba in Granma, explained to the press that its mission in Camaguey will be to raise the tower of the Tagarro Transmitter Center on Media Wave, the main of its kind in Camagüey.

The nine members of the contingent left with the necessary assurances to establish themselves in the surrounding of the tower so as to make the most of time, added Blanco, who is an electrical engineer.

He added that in the first days the reusable implements of the old tower will be rescued, then they will aseemble 30 sections until reaching the 90 meters of height, of which four or five sections will be raised daily, according to the experience acquired in the reconstruction of Baracoa after the passage of Hurricane Matthew, in 2016.

Federico Hernández, president of the Provincial Defense Council, gave the national flag to the members of the brigade and reaffirmed the will of the Granma workers to support in any task assigned for the country’s recovery.

Asdrúbal Guerrero, chief of the towermen brigade, stressed the big honor that is for any Cuban to help those who need it, reason why they will work efficiently and as quickly as possible in Camagüey or in any other province.

The Territorial Division of Radio Cuba in Granma received last year the Proeza Laboral flag for its contributions in the recovery of territories affected by Hurricane Matthew in Guantánamo, where they restored radio and television services in record time.

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