In Demajagua sugar mill where Carlos Manuel de Céspedes gave the first cry of freedom, hundreds of residents of the Granma province commemorated today the beginning of the first war for national independence and the abolition of slavery.

With a political cultural act was celebrated the 149th anniversary of the Ten Years War at Demajagua, in the municipality of Manzanillo.

At the start of the cultural-political act, a floral wreath was laid at the monument.

The president of the University Student Federation of Blas Roca spoke on behalf of the Cuban new generations, who are the continuity of the revolution started by the Father of the Nation on October 10, 1868.

One of the moments of greater solemnity in the ceremony was the delivery of the card that accredits a group of young people as members of the Young Communists League and the Cuba´s Communist Party, in the emblematic historical site.

Through poems, songs and dances, was recalled the release of the slaves by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, who was the first President of the Republic in Arms, and the Okán Addé folk group  represented the events that occurred 149 years ago.

In the commemoration a recognition was granted to La Demajagua newspaper, provincial weekly that today celebrates its 40 years of founding, in addition to the delivery of the Medal 40th Anniversary of the Institute of Physical Planning.

Demajagua sugar mill, considered one of the sacred altars of the country, was the site where Céspedes proclaimed the beginning of Cuba’s independence struggles against Spanish colonialism and began a war that lasted a decade.

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