With a day called “Fidel por Siempre” begins in Granma today, the commemoration of the 91 anniversary, next August 13, of the birth of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz.

A symbol of the struggle of the Cuban people for the consolidation of the revolutionary process, its advance to Socialism, the unity of the revolutionary forces and of the whole people, the economic and social changes of the country, the development of education, health, sport, culture and science, as well as confronting external aggressions and management an active foreign policy of principles, the Commander will be remembered in the province of Granma with several activities where the youth will have a leading role.

In its opening special act morning in all work center and productive labors are carry out.

On Saturday, activities will be carried out in the Homes for children without family shelter and in hospitals for infants.

Likewise, the Fidel´s thoughts and the Revolution will introduce the themes of the Sábado del libro (Saturday of book), and in the afternoon, the culture activities in all municipalities will be dedicated to young people, in whom Fidel always put all his hopes.(Taking from La Demajagua digital)



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