The city of Bayamo hosts the National Day for the non-violence against women and girls Evoluciona 2018, which will be based in the province of Granma until December 8.

The students of the Francisco Vicente Aguilera Pre University School (IPU) were the protagonists of the first activity, a special morning in favor of eliminating any manifestation of male chauvinist, eradicating certain behavioral patterns, false beliefs and habits of the past.

Along with the students were representatives of the Oscar Arnulfo Romero Center (OAR) and its Youth Integration (AJ), as well as members of social organizations such as the Cuban Women Federation, and the Young Communists League.

During the meeting, the results of the Evoluciona contest, convened by the IPU was released, the winners were Mailín González in literature; Jesica Álvarez, in visual arts; and the Group for non-violence against women, with 11 grade students, who won the award in the audiovisual category.

With the aim of involving new generations and become them into agents of change, the campaign will reach the Rubén Bravo and Celia Sánchez pedagogical schools, of Bayamo and Manzanillo, respectively; also to the different headquarters of the University of Granma, and  the Medical Sciences college.

Evoluciona 2018 will be extended until December 10, and includes film debates, workshops and the colloquium “Juventudes y violencia de género” as a health and rights issue, among other actions in several Cuban provinces.

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