The peasants of Granma arrives on May 17th with an overage in more than 15 thousand tons of the rice plan, and many more reasons to celebrate, said Yaquelín Puebla Lachel, president of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in the province.
The peasant leader declared to the press that the producers of the territory fulfilled the plans of the coffee, beans harvests for the year, the delivery of tomato to the industry, the planned quantities of honey and delivered more than one million liters of milk.

Juan Luis Céspedes Figueredo, president of the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Agricultural Production Cooperative (CPA), declared National Vanguard, stressed that the farmers worked hard during the year to contribute to the food of the people, so there are reasons to celebrate.

The municipality of Rio Cauto, for its excellent results, was chosen to host the provincial event for the 56th anniversary of the Association to be held next Saturday, which will be presided over by Rafael Santiesteban Pozo, national president of the peasant organization.

The Jesús Menéndez and José Nemecio Figueredo Credit and Services Cooperatives, from that municipality, deserved the ANAP vanguard condition for their sustained work, as well as the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes CPA, of Bayamo.

Also, the peasants Osvaldo Armas Yero, Ana María Estrada, Ricardo Serrano Masquida and Luis Cabrera Carrazana received the high distinction.

In Cuba celebrates the Peasants’ Day on May 17th, on the occasion of the 58 anniversary of the signing of the First Agrarian Reform Law in 1959, which was the first measure of the revolutionary government to return the land to its true owners.

The Association of Small Farmers was created in 1961 with the aim of uniting and representing cooperative members, peasants and families whose economic and social interests correspond to the development of the construction of Socialism.


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