Among the mountains and the beautiful landscape where the Museum of the Rebel Peasant is located, site where the Commander of the Revolution Guillermo García Frías was born, the Electoral Commissions of the El Plátano Popular Council, in Pilón was constituted.

The electoral commissions will be in charge of organizing and directing the constitutional referendum on the new Constitution of the Republic to be held on February 24.

Leodanis Monpie Reyes, president of the electoral commission of that coastal municipality talked about the organization tasks to the important event.

After, the constitution of the commissions its members will receive the training required to conduct the process and the people attendance to the polls.

Throughout the municipality, these take offices are carrying out from January 7 until the 13, taking into account the schedule and also we take advantage of the historic places of the municipality, he noted.

There is a great commitment not only here in the EL Plátano, but of all the people of Pilón

The El Plátano neighborhood is about 25 km away from the municipal township. It is an intricate zone in the Sierra Maestra Mountain range.


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