DSC00072 - copiaIn close relation with the celebration this April 4, of the 54 anniversary of the Young Communists League and 55 of the José Martí Pioneer Organization, the “Cupaynicú¨ Botanical Garden opened new commercial, recreational and educational services, which have, among other purposes, to expose children and young people to this natural shrine located in the Guisa town.

According to Juan Ariel Quesada, instructor tour guide of the botanical institution, the greater impact service for the population and especially for the younger should become the opening of a nature trail, where endemic and endangered specimen of the national flora and fauna are appreciate.

This first path, named “Forest of the Giants” includes 1, 45 kilometers long and is inserted into the protected area of the Garden, which covers about 54 hectares.

Quesada explained that this area includes some 312 species of plants, 18 ferns, 21 of reptiles and four of mammals and 41 of birds, many of them endemic in the country as are the tocororo, the jabao carpenter, the cartacuba and hummingbird, among others.

DSC00056 - copiaIt is called Giants´ Forest, the specialist said, ¨because it is the most protected area of the Garden, in this area there are trees among 200 and 300 years old, very majestic, with a high ecological value for the country”.

Along with this option, which promotes not only the interest in nature, but also environmental education about the protection of Cuban flora and fauna, joins the opening of a craft store, where products made of guaniquiqui as lamps, baskets, masseter, souvenirs and others will be sold.

The botanical institution recognized by treasuring a wide variety of species of Cuban flora and one of the most comprehensive collections of medicinal plants in the country, also has, with the launch of the website of the Garden and the opening of a second tourism path under the name “Forest of the antunes” the latter scheduled for the coming months, Yolennis Paneque Rodriguez, director of the Garden said.

The “Cupaynicú” Botanical Garden is an excellent choice for the family of the Granma province, in which specialized tour are linked with the marketing of ornamental plants and Creole food.

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