In brigades, works execution, factories and companies, there are the workers of the construction sector that block by block build buildings that benefit us all.

These workers not only execute industrial works. We see them on all fronts in the railways, in the roads, in the construction of dams, and in many tasks that respond to our social needs.

It is deserved today to recognize their work because they build hospitals, schools and day care centers, pioneer camps and many other works.

Constructor´s Day is celebrate on December 5 in Cuba at the proposal of the commander in chief Fidel Castro Ruz, as a tribute to Armando Mestre Martinez, who was one of the assailant to the Moncada barracks and expeditionary of the Granma yacht.

Armando Mestre was murdered by Batista’s henchmen after the combat of Alegría de Pío and he carried out a lot for the workers of that sector.

The Cuban builders are called to preserve the essence of the job and also they have the mission of restore the urban and rural architectural face of the nation for the future.


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