January 9 , 2015
The dark result of passion

One night in 2002, Misladys de la Cruz Álvarez knew the true dimension of word “tragedy”. She was victim of terrible event that definitely change her life. “When I meet him, he seemed a passive man. He had not a low cultural level. However, he was obsessing with me. At trial he was pronounced passional

December 26 , 2014
On-line Work, How Do We Do It in Radio Bayamo?

How has web development been affected in official media in Cuba by use of blogs? That question is this time answered from the experience of The Digital Redaction of Radio Bayamo.

December 2 , 2014
Granma Yacht landing recalled in Las Coloradas

In a symbolic way 82 young people from around the country evoked this Tuesday the landing of the Granma yacht at Los Cayuelos, in the coastal municipality of Niquero, site where the member of the expedition led by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro arrived 58 years ago.