June 11 , 2017
Radio Talents Awarded in Granma (+ audio)

BAYAMO .- The gala of the thirty-ninth edition of the Radio Festival in Granma, took place today in this city, after intense work sessions by juries specialized in the different categories in the contest.

September 7 , 2016
New home for teachers in Bayamo

In order to ensure the optimal living conditions and stability of the provincial contingent of teachers to supports the educational coverage in Bayamo, a comfortable residence is built and equipped with resources for pedagogical preparation.

September 6 , 2016
Granma with two pedagogical schools and a contingent

The second pedagogical school in the eastern province of Granma and a contingent to supply the shortage of teachers, stand out among the novelties of this territory in this 2016-2017 school year.

September 5 , 2016
Over a thousand schools opened in Granma

Equipped with the study materials and school supplies essential for teaching some thousand 52 centers of all education levels in Granma opened its doors very early this September 5, to more than 132,000 students in the territory.

June 27 , 2016
Communities, once more as center of the summer in Granma

                Popular Councils, communities and in both urban and rural neighborhoods will be again the center of cultural, recreational and sports activities of the Summer in Granma, season that will start on July 2 and until early September.

June 14 , 2016
Manzanillo host the National conference in tribute to Manuel Navarro Luna

With the presence of writers from nine Cuban province is celebrated in Manzanillo, the national conference in homage to the outstanding poet Manuel Navarro Luna, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his death.

June 14 , 2016
Scientific event will highlight the Francisco Vicente Aguilera´s legacy

The scientific conference ¨Nada tengo mientras no tenga patria¨, (Nothing I have while I have not homeland) will be held on June 22-23, at the Cuban Nationality House, on the occasion of the 195th birthday anniversary of the distinguished Bayames patriot Francisco Vicente Aguilera.

June 14 , 2016
Event in Granma highlighted the validity of Che economic thought

The example of Ernesto Guevara as a leader and its economic, political and social thought are important to continue updating the Cuban economy successfully, said today, in this city, the Master of Science and professor Rolando Montes Batista.

May 5 , 2016
Flower Fair to celebrate Mother Day to begin in Bayamo

The traditional Flowers Fairs will be held in Bayamo next Friday and Saturday, dedicated to the 90th birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution and the Mother Day.

May 1 , 2016
Workers  of Granma parade for Cuba, unity and commitment

In act of reaffirmation of the continuity of the Cuban revolutionary process and the construction of our socialism, hundreds of thousands of workers of Granma march this May 1st at the Plaza de la Patria in Bayamo under the banner “For Cuba unity and socialism” .

May 1 , 2016
Workers of Granma received award for their constant work

On the eve of the parade for the May Day 35 workers of Granma outstanding in the production, teaching, services, science and trade union activity were awarded in Bayamo, with medals approved by the National Assembly of the Power People at the request of the Workers ‘Central Union of Cuba (CTC) on the celebration of

April 29 , 2016
First animated audiovisual on Bayamo set on fire premiered

The first animated audiovisual on the set on fire of Bayamo by its inhabitants, called ¨La ciudad Invicta¨(the undefeated city), was premiered here recently , attended by historians, filmmakers, pioneers, youth and other guests.

April 29 , 2016
Granma: Half a million of people to parade on May Day

About 500 thousand workers and their families will parade in the 13 municipalities of the province of Granma next May Day, International Workers’ Day.

April 28 , 2016
Granma almost ready to university entrance exams

With the challenge of overcoming the outstanding results obtained in Granma during the last school year 2014-2015, students and teachers of this territory outline the training for the entrance examinations to college, expected to be held at the beginning of May.

April 27 , 2016
Young of Granma will recall the establishment of La Plata Command

More than a half a hundred of young people of Granma will climb next Saturday to the place, where the General Command of the Rebel Army in La Plata was settled during the struggle against the Batista dictatorship.  

April 18 , 2016
Tribute to the Father of the Nation on the 197 anniversary of his birth

The validity of the Cespedes´s thought was highlighted  in Bayamo today during the  remembrance act to Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, founder father of the Cuban nation, to commemorate the 197th anniversary of his birth, this April 18.

April 17 , 2016
Conference Creador de la Patria in tribute to Cespedes in Bayamo

The 27TH commemorative conference ¨Creador de la Patria¨,  dedicated to the 197th anniversary of the birth of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, Father of the Nation is held in Bayamo.  

April 15 , 2016
“Sindo Garay” Music Festival ended with the awarding of prizes

With an evening full of emotions and distinguished by the performance quality of the finalists, the 19th edition of the ¨Sindo Garay¨ Cuban popular Music Festival ended at the Bayamo Theater last night.

April 14 , 2016
Delegation of Granma to the 7th PCC Congress travels to Havana

The delegates and guests of Granma province which will take part in the 7th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), to be held on April 16-17 in Havana, was honored with a farewell meeting on Wednesday in Bayamo.

April 12 , 2016
Sindo Garay Music Festival to begin in Bayamo

The 19th edition of the Music Festival “Sindo Garay”, in homage to the noted Cuban troubador, will begin today in the city of Bayamo, to promote the musical talent.

April 11 , 2016
Book Fair 2016 closed with cultural gala

With an artistic gala at the first Revolution Square in Cuba, the 25th Book Fair for the province of Granma closed this Sunday in the city of Bayamo.

April 11 , 2016
Rogelio Martinez Fure´s work highlighted in the Book Fair of Granma

Writers and other people related to culture honored here the folklorist, essayist and professor Rogelio Martinez Fure, who the 25th Book Fair is dedicated to.

April 8 , 2016
Historical memory of Cangamba restated in the Book Fair

In a meeting full of emotions shared with the remembrance of the historical events happened in the Battle of Cangamba, in Angola, the documentary “Cangamba” by the journalist Milton Diaz Canter and “Tigers of Cangamba” book by Lt. Col. Rafael Ramos Fajardo were presented at the Cuban Nationality House.

April 6 , 2016
The Book Fair to open in Bayamo tonight

The 25th edition of the Book Fair 2016, the most important cultural event in the Island, will open tonight in the city of Bayamo, with a tribute to the heroine Vilma Espin, on the eve of the 86 anniversary of her birthday.

April 5 , 2016
In Granma: Carnival at the rhythm of University Students

The first university Carnival in the province of Granma,  gathered hundreds of people and filled with colors and joy some streets of this city last night.

April 5 , 2016
“Cupaynicú” Botanical Garden with new recreational choices

In close relation with the celebration this April 4, of the 54 anniversary of the Young Communists League and 55 of the José Martí Pioneer Organization, the “Cupaynicú¨ Botanical Garden opened new commercial, recreational and educational services, which have, among other purposes, to expose children and young people to this natural shrine located in the

April 4 , 2016
Specimen of a threaten flora recovered in “Cupaynicú” Botanical Garden

Declared extinct since 1945 the plant named Begonia cowelli, an endemic species of the Granma province, was rediscovered in the municipality of Bartolome Maso in 2014 and now grows and reproduces in the collections of the “Cupaynicú” Botanical Garden belonging to this eastern territory.

April 1 , 2016
Distinguished scientific center celebrates 15 anniversary

With the honor of teaching the only one Cuban Masters degree on Animal Feeding, and after developed valuable proposals for livestock, the Centre for the Study of Animal Production of the University of Granma province celebrated its 15 anniversary.

March 30 , 2016
Aboriginal Burial of Rio Cauto relocated

After more than 70 years of discovered, the cemetery corresponding to the aboriginal archaeological site of El Mango community, located in the municipality of Rio Cauto , was relocated.

March 25 , 2016
In Bayamo Cultural Meeting in defense of national identity

Artists, cultural institutions, children and young people gathered around the Plaza of the Revolution of Bayamo this Thursday, in an opening parade, example of the cultural traditions of this territory, so to start the 32nd of the Bayames Cultural Meeting.

March 24 , 2016
More than 200 titles for the Book Fair in Granma

The Book Fair in Granma, cultural event that will bring together thousands of people around the Revolution Square of Bayamo city from April 7 to 10, as part of its tour of the island.

February 5 , 2016
Greater water control and saving in Granma in this 2016

Granma province began this 2016 with the 56 percent of its reservoirs total capacity, although is not an alarming figure, the precipitation are not notably in the territory, reason why a greater control and saving of water is need.

February 3 , 2016
Voices unite in Granma to demand closure of Guantánamo Naval Base

Beginning February 20, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) affiliate in Granma province will be hosting a new space to promote discussion and demand the return of the territory illegally occupied by the U.S. Naval Base in Guantánamo.

January 28 , 2016
Young people of Granma marched in honor to Jose Marti

Hundreds of young people and students of different education levels marched carrying torches on January 28th night, in tribute to the 163rd birth anniversary of  the Cuba´s National Hero Jose Marti.

January 28 , 2016
Jose Marti remembered in Dos Rios

A wreath, on behalf of the people of Granma, was placed at the base of the monument erected in Dos Rios today, to the memory of José Martí, fallen in combat 120 years ago, in that side of the province.

January 26 , 2016
Granma´s Red Cross ready to act before of an intense earthquake

The Cuban Red Cross in the province of Granma has activated permanently its forces and means, due to the anomalous seismic activity that affect the eastern region, where hundreds of earthquakes has been recorded by the National Seismological Service.

January 21 , 2016
Shrimp catching season begins in Manzanillo

Workers of the Guacanayabo Gulf belonging to ¨Andres Lujan Vazquez¨ Industrial Fishing Company of Granma (EPIGRAM), left to sea on Wednesday after knowing of the lifting of the ban for the shrimp, main export product of the entity.

January 20 , 2016
The campaign “Fidel Among Us” launches today

The advertising campaign “Fidel among us,” the celebration in Granma for the 90th birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, will be launched here Wednesday on radio network from the headquarters of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba at 3 o´clock in the afternoon.

January 14 , 2016
Bayames Poet Awarded at World 2015 Nósside Poetry Contest

Bayames Poet Lucía Muñoz Maceo was granted a special recognition prize at the World Nósside 2015 Poetry Contest that was sponsored by the World Head Office of the UNESCO institution for poetry.

January 13 , 2016
Rallying patriotic power of the Bayamo´s set on fire highlighted

People of all ages and professions told today to ACN that the January 12, is among the most gathering patriotic dates in this city, because it reminds one of the great feats of the Cuban people.

January 12 , 2016
Evening for the set on fire to Bayamo

¨Volver el fuego¨(come back the fire) is the title of the political-cultural gala which will be held in the National Anthem´s Plaza tonight, in Bayamo, to commemorate the 147 anniversary of the historic set on fire to the city.

January 11 , 2016
Documentary on Celia Sánchez premieres in Granma

The film, which premiered in this city January 10, was produced by Mundo Latino, with script by Servando Valdés and directed by Ariel Prieto-Solís, and presents an accurate, inspiring recollection of the life and work of one of the nation’s most outstanding figures.

January 7 , 2016
Working smart

The need to work with intelligence, take full advantage of the sugar cane available, and increase efficiency during this year’s sugar harvest, were the basic ideas emphasized by José Ramón Machado Ventura, a Council of Ministers vice president and Party second secretary, during a visit yesterday, January 6, to the Enidio Díaz mill.

January 6 , 2016
Granma with the second lowest infant mortality  in the country

As result of a sustained, strict and highly committed work the Program for Maternal Infant Health in the Granma territory ended the 2015 with an infant mortality rate of 3.8 per 1, 000 live births, the second lowest in the country.

January 1 , 2016
Other historic date of the legendary Bayamo

After celebrating the 57 anniversary of the Cuba triumph of the Revolution and the arrival of the Caravan of the Victory in Bayamo, the inhabitants of this city will remember, in January 2016, the date when Bayamo was declared the first National Monument city of the country .

December 29 , 2015
Agriculture groups acknowledged  in Granma

Workers, specialists and outstanding groups were acknowledged for their outcomes obtained in the agricultural sector in the Granma province during 2015 on occasion of the 57 anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

December 24 , 2015
Celebrated in Guisa act for the 57 anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution

The municipality of Guisa was the stage chosen to held the provincial act for the 57 anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution, celebrated this Wednesday at the Batalla de Guisa Square.

April 7 , 2015
The Guerrilla de Teatreros will perform  at the Martí Route

As a tribute to José Martí, Cuba’s national hero, 120 years after his fall in combat, the Guerrilla Teatreros itinerant community social and cultural project will perform, together with other artists, in places where the hero was from April 11 to May 19th, 1895.

April 7 , 2015
New tittles ready to the Book Fair in Bayamo

The 27 titles which were waiting for publishing in Granma, some hopeless since 2012, will be presented next week in Bayamo during the 24 Book Fair, event that will be dedicated to writers Olga Portuondo and Leonardo Padura.

February 2 , 2015
Favorable acceptance of Cuban Pesos in retail sales in Granma

A wide acceptance remains in sales in Cuban peso (CUP) in retail stores in the province of Granma, which has been operated only in convertible Pesos (CUC) until the mid of 2014.

January 30 , 2015
Granma: More than 800 houses will be benefit with electrification

The electrification service offered by the National Electroenergetic System in the country will reach 13 settlements of Granma this year, of which ten will receive it for the first time, while the three remaining will improve the quality of the electricity that has came to their homes with illegal power lines to date.

January 29 , 2015
Drought persists in Granma

In the face of an intense drought in the eastern province of Granma, it was called to make a good use of water for human consumption, livestock, agriculture and other service processes.

January 28 , 2015
Granma people pay homage to Martí with Torch March

Thousands of young people of Bayamo took part at the traditional torch march last night, as a tribute to the 162 anniversary of the birth of the Cuban National Hero José Martí.

January 28 , 2015
Homage to José Martí in Dos Rios

On the occasion of the 162 birthday anniversary of José Martí, this January 28th, inhabitants of Dos Rios, place where he died almost 120 years ago, paid tribute to the most Universal of Cubans.

January 22 , 2015
Students of Granma recall José Martí through arts

With contests and art festivals, march and parades, students of the province of Granma will pay tribute to the Cuba National Hero José Martí, on the 162 birthday anniversary, to be next January 28.

January 21 , 2015
Children’s artistic contest to pay homage to the Cuban Hero José Martí

Hundreds of children and adolescents in Granma will be involve from this January 22 until February 25 in the 4th edition of “Por los caminos de la Edad de Oro” (On the paths of the Golden Age), a contest that sponsored by the “October 20” House of Culture of Bayamo, encourages the approach of new

January 20 , 2015
Granma: The trout fishing competition ends today

With an awards ceremony in the historic center of the Bayamo city, the 33th “Incendio de Bayamo” national fishing trout competition will end today, which began on January 17, at the Leonero lagoon, in the municipality of Río Cauto, province of Granma.

January 19 , 2015
Event on Education, Guidance and Sexual Therapy  will be held in Bayamo

In order to generate multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral debates required by the sexuality education and sexual health processes, the Provincial Conference on Education, Guidance and Sexual Therapy will be held in Bayamo next February 24.

January 19 , 2015
Granma Sweeps Baseball Champion in Cuba’s Serie Nacional

Granma achieved its eighth consecutive victory in the Cuban baseball championship by beating 6-3 the current monarch Pinar del Río, to complete the sweep and maintained the siege of the top.

January 7 , 2015
Granma is the largest producer of organic honey

Beekeepers in Granma reaffirmed as the largest producer of organic honey, with nearly four hundred and ten tons last year, fifty three percent more than their plan, told to Radio Bayamo , Enrique Albu Zayas-Bazán.

January 5 , 2015
WFP collaboration in Cuba will benefit inhabitants of Granma

A large portion of population in eight municipalities of the Cuban province of Granma, will be benefit by the World Food Programme (WFP) of the United Nations from this January.

January 2 , 2015
The entrance of Fidel to Bayamo will be recall

A group of outstanding young of Granma will evoke this January 2, the entrance of the Caravan of Victory to Bayamo, led by the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, the next day of the historic triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

December 23 , 2014
Cuban National Circus on tour in Granma

As a gift to the Granma’s people because of the end of 2014 and the 56 anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, artists of the National Circus of Cuba (CNC) will begin a tour for the territory this Tuesday.

December 22 , 2014
New healthcare facilities in hospital of Granma

A psychiatric and other intermediate care wards will be open before the end of 2014, at the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes university hospital, in Bayamo, main hospital of the Granma province.

December 12 , 2014
University of Granma celebrated its 38 anniversary

Under the commitment to continue training comprehensive professionals able of finding solutions to the society problems, the University of the Cuban province of Granma, celebrated its 38 years last Wednesday.

December 10 , 2014
Teaching researches of Granma will be at the 2015 Pedagogy

The educational and learning process, work with the family, the school library labor and the inclusion process of children with special educational needs, are among                   the topics that the Granma delegation will defend at the academic event.

December 10 , 2014
Improvement works in the Martires de Barbados stadium for the all-star game

A huge construction program covering the total restoration of the Martires de Barbados Stadium, the maintenance of its surrounding areas and the Motel Deportivo runs from last November in Bayamo, due to celebrate here, on December 27 and 28, the all Star Game, the main sport event of Cuban baseball.

December 4 , 2014
Cattlemen advocate for the follow up of the Agricultural Fairs

Cattle Ranchers from several Cuban provinces stated today in Bayamo, their desire that the agricultural fairs must go on in the country, because that promote the exchange among breeders and the branch development.

December 3 , 2014
Actions to agility the housing procedures will apply in Granma

In favor of adjusting, agility and to control the procedures of the Cuban housing more efficiently, and also as to alleviate the heavy workload that these two entities have assumed to date (provincial and municipal Housing Offices) in the country, 15 of its main functions will become part of the corporate purpose of other agencies

December 2 , 2014
Granma Yacht landing recalled in Las Coloradas

In a symbolic way 82 young people from around the country evoked this Tuesday the landing of the Granma yacht at Los Cayuelos, in the coastal municipality of Niquero, site where the member of the expedition led by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro arrived 58 years ago.

November 19 , 2014
Devotion and love for a smile

Delfina had not children. Never she expected how would be her golden ages. Now she is about 80 years of ages, but she does not feel alone. An unexpected, large and special family had become her life more pleasant.