November 17 , 2017
Esteban Lazo Exchanges with Baseball Star Alfredo Despaigne

The President of the Cuban Parliament and member of the Political Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party, Esteban Lazo Hernandez exchanged on Thursday in the city of Bayamo with baseball star Alfredo Despaigne who finished the season with an excellent performance in the Japanese Professional League.

November 17 , 2017
Esteban Lazo recognized the advances achieved in Granma

The member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba, Esteban Lazo Hernández, acknowledged the advances reached in Granma after assessing the territorial performance, during a visit to this eastern province.

November 16 , 2017
Special Olympics favor better quality of life for handicapped children

The 10th Special Olympics Games takes place at the declared Sports Village of the event, which is located in the Felix Varela School of Bayamo, where the competitors are staying.

November 16 , 2017
Cuban Baseball: Carlos Benitez hits his 6th Grand Slam of the Season

Carlos Benitez, who plays for Granma in the Cuban National Baseball Series, amounts six grand slams so far this season and only has to hit one more to match the record set by OF Alexei Bell in the 2009-10 campaign.

November 16 , 2017
Bayamo hosts International Congress AGROMAS 2017

With the keynote speech “Innovation in livestock systems. Potentialities, impacts and challenges “, given by the Doctor of Sciences José Díaz Untoria, Director of the Institute of Animal Science (ICA), started in Bayamo the 5th Congress of Agriculture on Fragile and Degraded Ecosystems AGROMAS 2017.

November 14 , 2017
Oscar López Rivera receives Solidarity Order in Cuba

In recognition of his bravery and resistance for over 36 years while unjustly imprisoned in the U.S., Puerto Rican patriot Oscar López Rivera received, November 14, in the Cuban capital, the Solidarity Order awarded by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba.

November 14 , 2017
Bayamo hosts National Humor Event

The city of Bayamo will host from this Tuesday the third edition of the  2017 Humoraculo National event.

November 14 , 2017
Oscar López Rivera arrives in Cuba: “I feel at home”

Puerto Rican independence fighter, Oscar López Rivera, was greeted at José Martí International Airport by Fernando González, president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples (ICAP).

November 8 , 2017
The October Revolution: One of the most significant events of the 20th century

Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) Central Committee and President of the Councils of State and Ministers, presided a political-cultural gala marking 100 years since the Great October Socialist Revolution.

November 8 , 2017
Bayamo hosts workshop to improve communication of blind and hearing impaired people

The Municipal Workshop of Rehabilitation of Blind and Hearing impaired people takes place in the city of Bayamo.

November 7 , 2017
Recovery of Raw Material Company of Granma work on new goals

The workers of the Recovery of Raw Material Company of Granma, close to celebrate 56 years of foundation, show special interest to fulfill the expected productive indicators.

November 6 , 2017
Doctor Jorge Berlanga named Illustrious Son of Bayamo

The Municipal Assembly of the People´s Power of Bayamo, granted the condition of Illustrious Son of the city, to the Cuban scientist born in that city, Doctor Jorge Berlanga, creator of the Heberprot-P for diabetic foot ulcer treatment.

November 6 , 2017
Bayamo Award to five outstanding personalities of Granma

The Bayamo Prize, the highest distinction granted by the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) in the province, was delivered this Saturday to five outstanding people of Granma and with honorific nature to the  San Salvador of Bayamo Cathedral.

November 4 , 2017
Big agricultural fair celebrates the 504 anniversary of the Bayamo village´s founding

An big agricultural, gastronomic, sports and cultural fair, is held this Saturday to celebrate the 504th anniversary of the founding of the San Salvador of Bayamo village.

November 3 , 2017
Researchers discuss hypotheses about the founding of Bayamo

The different hypotheses about the foundation of Bayamo were covered this Thursday by prominent historians and researchers of the subject in the province during a theoretical space at the House of Nationality.

November 2 , 2017
Contribution of communication workers in recovery of Havana recognized

The workers of the Bayamo telephone center received four specialists of the Telecommunications Company (ETECSA) of Granma who worked for 40 days in several municipalities of Havana, affected by Hurricane Irma.

November 1 , 2017
World Condemns US Blockade on Cuba

By 191 votes of 193 possible, the General Assembly of the United Nations overwhelmingly condemned today the US economic, financial and commercial blockade on Cuba and demanded its end.

Cuba |
November 1 , 2017
“We will persevere, with the consensus of our people and the patriotic commitment of the youngest”

UNITED NATIONS. – Once again, for the 26th time before the United Nations, heard was Cuba’s demand for the elimination of the U.S. economic, commercial, financial blockade, supported by 191 of the world’s nations.

November 1 , 2017
Awarded handicapped children in energy saving contest

The Office of Rational Use of Energy in Granma, awarded 15 students with hearing and visual disabilities winners of the “I also save energy” provincial contest.

November 1 , 2017
The world with Cuba against the blockade

For the 26th time, the international community, in the United Nations General Assembly, will consider Cuba’s Resolution 71/5: The necessity of ending the economic, commercial, financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba.

October 31 , 2017
Granma plans to install Wi-Fi hotspots in all municipalities

Granma is an example of Cuban province where a keep growing is projected in achieving modernization of communications.

October 31 , 2017
President receives Governor Rui Costa dos Santos from Brazilian state of Bahía

Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers, yesterday October 30, received Rui Costa dos Santos, governor of the Brazilian state of Bahía, who is attending the Havana International Fair, FIHAV 2017. During the meeting, the close ties between Cuba and Bahía were highlighted, distinguished by shared historical and cultural

October 31 , 2017
Cuban Baseball: Granma beat Industriales and other knockouts

With a powerful offensive displayed that fostered two knockouts 10-0 the current monarch Granma defeated Industriales, at the beginning of the second matches in the 57th Cuban National Baseball Series.

October 30 , 2017
Primary schools of the mountains reopened

As result of the increase of children in some places of the hills, schools that were closed for its low enrollment reopened this academic year in areas of the mountains.

October 30 , 2017
Cuba announces new migratory regulations

As part of the continuous, irreversible process of updating the country’s migratory policies, the Cuban government has approved the following measures, which will take effect January 1, 2018: • Eliminate the “Habilitación” (authorization) of passports previously required of Cuban émigrés traveling to the country • Authorize the entrance and departure, to and from Cuba, of

October 28 , 2017
Bayameses paid tribute to Camilo Cienfuegos

The people of Bayamo and its leaders paid tribute this Saturday to the Lord of the Vanguard, Camilo Cienfuegos on the 58 anniversary of his physical disappearance.

October 28 , 2017
Cubans pay homage to Camilo Cienfuegos on 58 anniversary of his death

With an emotional political act at the Plaza de la Revolución, in the capital, and a pilgrimage to the Malecón, the Havana people remembered Camilo Cienfuegos on the 58th anniversary of his physical disappearance.

October 28 , 2017
Cuban Guerrero wins men’s single in Santo Domingo Badminton Open

Cuban Osleni Guerrero won the gold medal in the men´s single event of the 8th Santo Domingo Badminton Open taking place at Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center.

October 27 , 2017
Granma team winner of the Cultural Cuisine Festival of Artex

The team of the Convergencia Cultural Center, located at La Bayamesa Casa de la Trova, won the first place of the 6th edition of the National Cultural Gastronomic Festival of Artex, held in Bayamo.

October 27 , 2017
Integration of elementary schools in the community checked

A pleasant exchange with students, teachers and workers of the Esteban Gallardo Medina rural school, in La Estrella community, in the Sierra Maestra, marked the beginning of the tour of the circle of specialized journalists in education this Thursday in Buey Arriba municipality.

October 27 , 2017
Alleged sonic attacks

This past February 17, the State Department and the U.S. embassy in Havana, reported, for the first time, to Cuba’s Foreign Ministry and diplomatic mission in Washington, the alleged occurrence of sonic attacks between November of 2016 and February, 2017.

October 26 , 2017
Feat of the electrical workers of Granma recognized in Bayamo

The extraordinary attitude of a group of workers of the Granma Electricity Company who worked on the recovery actions of the provinces of Camagüey and Ciego de Avila, after the pass of Hurricane Irma, was recognized in Bayamo by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Alfredo López Valdés and the National Union of that sector.

October 26 , 2017
Cuba’s contribution to Festival movement recognized

The strengthening of relations between Russia and Cuba during the recently concluded 19th World Festival of Youth, and Cuba’s contribution to the Festival movement, were the focus of discussion during a meeting between functionaries at the Russian embassy in Havana and the national leadership of the Young Communists League (UJC), along with a selection of

October 25 , 2017
Intense labor of replanting cane in Granma

The managements of cane of the five units of attention to producers of the Granma Sugar Company, apply to the re-sowing of cane to guarantee the farming of the grass in its plantations.

October 24 , 2017
Cuban workers condemn U.S. blockade of Cuba

The economic, commercial, financial blockade imposed by the United States government on our country, for more than 50 years, constitutes a massive, flagrant, and systematic violation of the human rights of the Cuban people and an act of genocide, reads a statement issued by the Federation of Cuban Workers (CTC), approved by a meeting of

October 23 , 2017
Wax sculpture of Sara González unveiled at Bayamo´ museum

A wax sculpture of the troubadour Sara González was unveiled on Friday at the Wax Museum of Bayamo, in the framework of the celebration of the Cuban Culture Day.

October 23 , 2017
The work of Granma institutions in the 23 Festival of Cuban Identity recognized

The highest political and government authorities of Granma recognized today the institutions and entities of the territory that took part in the 23th edition of the Festival of Cuban Identity.

October 23 , 2017
Cuban youngsters return after successful World Festival of Youth

More than 250 young Cubans who participated in the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students, which took place in the Russian city of Sochi, arrived this Monday, just before dawn, to this Havana.

October 23 , 2017
Intellectual of Granma awarded at Fiesta de la Cubanía

As part of the 23 Festival of Cuban Identity, the writer and teacher Abel Guerrero received in this city recognitions of the Guatemalan Embassy in Cuba and several institutions in the province of Granma, for his life´s work.

October 23 , 2017
Cuban Baseball: Granma advances to the Second Stage and Artemisa ties the Wild-Card Series

Granma defeated Villa Clara 2-0 and got its ticket to the second stage of the 57th Cuban National Baseball Series, while Artemisa beat 2-1 Ciego de Avila thus equalizing 1-1 their wild-card series.

October 20 , 2017
Bayamo recalls popular premiere of National Anthem

As is traditional, the people of Bayamo, along with guests and participants of the Festival of Cuban Identity, on behalf of all Cubans, recalled the first time the National Anthem was sung in public.

October 20 , 2017
October 20: Celebration of Cuban culture

October offers two important anniversaries in the history of Cuba, the beginning of the country’s wars of independence and national Cuban Culture Day. History is very profound and rich, but in a few words, October 10, 1868, is the moment that marked the beginning of the wars of independence against Spain, launched with the rallying

October 19 , 2017
Tribute of visual arts to Fidel  in the Festival of Cuban Identity

The renowned Cuban painter and National Prize of Visual Arts, Nelson Domínguez, shows  today at the “October 20” House of Culture, in Bayamo, his exhibition “Jinete de la Luz”, dedicated to homage to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro.

October 19 , 2017
Tribute to Rosa la Bayamesa in Festival of Cuban Identity

A plaque created by Somos project, founded by Alberto Lescay, will honor  the Monument to the heroine Rosa la Bayamesa, as part of the activities of the 23 Fiesta de la Cubanía, which will conclude on October 20th .

October 18 , 2017
Interactive magazine of Dominican Republic presented in Bayamo

In the theoretical event Crisol de la Nacionalidad was presented this morning the interactive magazine of the Dominican Republic Science and Society, of the technological institute of Santo Domingo.

October 18 , 2017
Raúl Paz offered opening concert of the Fiesta de la Cubanía

With his usual charisma and an exquisite musical repertoire, renowned Cuban singer Raúl Paz offered the opening concert of the 23rd edition of the Festival of Cuban Identity, last night at the Revolution Plaza in Bayamo.

October 17 , 2017
Cuban baseball: wild card series start today

The wild-card series of the 57th Cuban National Baseball Series will begin today with the clashes between Granma and Villa Clara at Augusto Cesar Sandino stadium, in this city, and the other match to advance to the next stage will be between Artemisa and Ciego de Avila, always with the second teams as home-club.

October 17 , 2017
Festival of Cuban Identity started in Bayamo

The Festival of Cuban Identity, an event in which the people celebrate the happiness of being Cuban, begins today in the city of Bayamo, Cradle of Cuban Nationality.

October 16 , 2017
The future belongs to youth

SOCHI, Russia.–A tribute to sacrifice and courage was the best way to inaugurate the19th World Festival of Youth and Students, because the only way to build a better world, to serve the most needy, is for all men and women of goodwill to come together, and this is the focus of many youth today.

October 13 , 2017
Bayamo ready to host Fiesta de la Cubania

Artists, intellectuals and visitors will gather together in this city, Cradle of Cuban Nationality, to be part of the Fiesta de la Cubanía, event in which, from October 17 to 20, the people will celebrate the Cuban Culture Day.

October 12 , 2017
Cuban Duos debut winning in Beach Volleyball World Tour

The Cuban duos of Sergio Gonzalez-Nivaldo Diaz and Leila Martinez-Lidiannis Echeverria won their respective matches in the second day of the 21st stop of the 2017 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour, based in Quinzhou, China.

October 12 , 2017
Cuban doctors denounce impact of blockade

Estimated damages within the healthcare sector caused by the blockade, between April of 2016 and March 31, 2017, surpass 87 million dollars, according to Cuban doctors and medical students speaking in Havana.

October 12 , 2017
Mabay will host provincial act for Sugar Workers Day

The derivate plant of the Archimedes Colina sugar mill, in Mabay, will host the provincial celebration for the Sugar Workers Day next Friday.

October 11 , 2017
Remains of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and Mariana Grajales Raúl interred in new location during ceremony presided by Raúl

The political event and military ceremony to re-inter the remains of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and Mariana Grajales took place yesterday, October 10 with the presence of Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers.

October 11 , 2017
Radio workers awarded on the 80th anniversary of the radio in Bayamo (+ photos)

As part the celebration held on the occasion of the 80th  anniversary of the radio in Bayamo and the 95th of the Cuban Radio, some workers were awarded this Tuesday.

October 10 , 2017
Raúl presides interment ceremony of the remains of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and Mariana Grajales

The political act and military interment ceremony of the remains of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and Mariana Grajales began this Tuesday, October 10, in the presence of Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers.

October 10 , 2017
Granma people commemorated the beginning of the independence wars

In Demajagua sugar mill where Carlos Manuel de Céspedes gave the first cry of freedom, hundreds of residents of the Granma province commemorated today the beginning of the first war for national independence and the abolition of slavery.

October 9 , 2017
Scientific Day for the 50th anniversary of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Hospital (+ audio)

After intensive debate sessions and academic exchanges aimed at enhancing the quality of medical care in Granma, the scientific day for the 50th anniversary of the Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Hospital ended, the main medical-teaching institution in the province.

October 9 , 2017
Tributes to Céspedes and Mariana this October 10

On the occasion of the 149th anniversary of the launch of the War of Independence at the Demajagua sugar mill, this October 10, a political act and military ceremony of internment of the remains of independence heroes Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and Mariana Grajales will take place at the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery in Santiago de

October 6 , 2017
Raúl receives ECLAC Executive Secretary

On the afternoon of October 4, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba, received Alicia Bárcena Ibarra, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), making a visit to the country.

October 5 , 2017
Granma´s Provincial Museum celebrates its 35 anniversary

With a wide program of activities, workers and outstanding collectors of the “Manuel Muñoz Cedeño”, Provincial Museum of Granma celebrate on October 19, the 35th anniversary of that cultural institution.

October 5 , 2017
Cuban Gymnast Larduet First in Qualification Round

Cuban gymnast Manrique Larduet closed Tuesday leading the qualification round for the finals of the ”all-around” of the World Gymnastics Championship. being held in this Canadian city.

October 5 , 2017
Cuba: Poor Cooperation of USA to Investigate into US Diplomats Issue

Cuba reiterated today that the United States gave late, scattered and insufficient information on the alleged health damage suffered by US diplomats here, an incident that is currently used to expel Cuban officials from USA.

October 5 , 2017
Cuba Ready to offer help to Puerto Rico

The Cuban government is waiting for a response from Puerto Rican authorities to offer solidarity to the people of that Caribbean island, hardly hit by Hurricane Maria two weeks ago.

October 3 , 2017
Damaris made her dreams come true (+audio)

With almost 30 years of experiences in the profession, Damaris Zequeira Mojena a registered nurse, who arrived in Venezuela six months ago as representative of the Cuban collaboration…

October 3 , 2017
Cuban Unions Call Mass Voluntary Work

The Cuban Workers” Confederation (CTC) has today called mass voluntary work on October 7, in response to a call by President Raul Castro after Hurricane Irma hit the country.

October 2 , 2017
Towermen of Granma get ready the transmitter center of Camaguey

The towermen brigade  of the territorial division of RadioCuba in Granma that works in Camaguey, concluded the assembly of 30 sections that conform the new tower of the Tagarro transmitter center of medium wave, the main of the Camaguey territory …

October 2 , 2017
Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Birthplace Museum celebrated its 49 anniversary

Workers, artists and bayameses gathered on Saturday night to celebrate the 49th anniversary of the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Native House Museum, a cultural institution that honor this Monument City.

September 29 , 2017
Internet at home service expanded through all Cuba

As part of its intention to taking Internet services to Cuban homes, the Cuban Telecommunications Company (Etecsa), as of September 29, will continue to commercialize the Nauta Hogar service, incorporating it gradually, and until the month of December, to all the provinces of the country.

September 29 , 2017
CDR members of Granma support food production

As part of the activities for the 57th Anniversary of the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and in response to the call made by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz to encourage the food production to help the provinces affected by Hurricane Irma, CDR members of Granma carried out agricultural work at Carlos

September 27 , 2017
Cuba will be ready for tourist high season without a trace of Hurricane Irma

We reiterate our commitment that all Cuban tourism facilities will be operational in time for the upcoming high season, Minister of Tourism Manuel Marrero Cruz stressed during a meeting with some 160 tour operators September 23, in Varadero’s Plaza América Convention Center, to address the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

September 27 , 2017
CDR members and a school of Granma received award

Among the 36 collectives, families and CDR members deserving this year  the Barrio Award, was recognized the work of the Castillo Milanés family residing in the number 5 district of the coastal municipality of Campechuela and also the Ciro Redondo Elementary School, of Cauto Cristo.

September 26 , 2017
Over 90 % of communications restored in Cuba

The Telecommunications Company of Cuba (Etecsa) reported that the level of repairs due to the damages caused by Hurricane Irma now reaches more than 90 percent.

September 26 , 2017
Fiesta de la Cubanía will exhibit the Sindo Garay´s guitar

With the exhibition of the guitar of the renowned Cuban troubadour Sindo Garay (1867-1968) will begin in this city the 23 Fiesta de la Cubanía, cultural event  that will take place from October 17 to 20th.

September 25 , 2017
Cuban Baseball: Carlos Benitez ranks First in Grand Slams

Carlos Benitez, Granma second baseman, has hit three grand slams in the current Cuban National Baseball Series, and ranks first in that statistic.

September 25 , 2017
Bayamese Doctor elected in Venezuela delegate to World Festival in Sochi (+ audio)

Due to her natural delicacy, the Bayamese doctor, Beatriz Calás Sanz, seems to have been predestined to practice Ophthalmology, a medical specialty that requires extreme exquisiteness because it refers to the organs of vision …

September 25 , 2017
Bayamo: Researchers to discuss on intercultural ties in Latin America

The intercultural ties between the peoples forming the Latin America and the Caribbean nations, will focus in this city the debates of prestigious Cuban and foreign researchers.

September 22 , 2017
Granma´s workers of Radio Cuba reverse the ravages of hurricane Irma  in Camagüey

A brigade from the Territorial Division of Radio Cuba of Granma will begin this week the last phase of the assembly of the Tagarro´ Media Waves tower, demolished by Hurricane Irma, which belongs to the Transmitter Center located in Camagüey.

September 22 , 2017
Raúl receives Nicolás Maduro

At around midnight on September 21, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba, received Nicolás Maduro Moros, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, at Havana’s José Martí International Airport.

September 21 , 2017
Towards Sochi with the Che´s spirit and the eternal guide of Fidel (+ audio and photos)

With the Guevara´s spirit and the eternal guidance of Fidel, the Granma delegation to the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students (based in Sochi, Russia, from October 12-22) received the flag this Wednesday at the Plaza of the Revolution, in Bayamo.

September 20 , 2017
Granma´s delegation to the World Festival of Youth and Students to get flag today

In the presence of Susely Morfa González, first secretary of the National Committee of the Young Communists League (UJC), the delegation of Granma that will attend at the 19th World Festival of Youth and the students, will receive the Cuban flag today.

September 20 , 2017
Cuba Rejects Speech by Donald Trump at UN, Calls it Aggressive, Imperialist.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez rejected in strong terms Tuesday the speech given at the UN headquarters by US President Donald Trump, describing it as unnecessarily aggressive and brazenly imperialistic.

September 20 , 2017
Massive Earthquake Shakes Mexico City and Southern Mexico

In Mexico, a massive 7.1-magnitude quake struck 100 miles southeast of Mexico City Tuesday, collapsing dozens of buildings around the capital city and trapping schoolchildren, workers and residents beneath the rubble.

September 20 , 2017
Cuban Despaigne hits another homer in Japan

Cuban Alfredo Despaigne hit a homer and drove in one run in the 13-14 loss of his team, the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, to the Seibu Lions in the Japanese Professional Baseball League (NPB).

September 20 , 2017
Contingent to support food production in Granma received Cuban flag (+ audio)

The “Carlos Manuel de Céspedes” Contingent, which will support food production in Granma, was formed by a hundred members of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and received the flag on Monday in the provincial capital.

September 19 , 2017
Council of State modifies schedule for elections of delegates to Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power

As was duly published this past June 13, the Council of State stipulated that elections to choose delegates to Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power were to be held, with a first round on October 22, 2017, and a second round the following Sunday, October 29.

September 19 , 2017
The ice-cream parlor of Bayamo restarts services with more offers

After a repair that lasted seven days, the Tropicrema, one of the oldest and largest ice cream parlors of the Bayamo city, restarted its services on Monday, now renovated and with new offers.

September 18 , 2017
Cuba: State will finance 50% of construction material for Irma victims

Taking into account the severe damage caused by Hurricane Irma and the positive experiences gained during the recovery of Hurricanes Sandy and Matthew, the Cuban Government decided that the State budget will fund 50 percent of the price of construction materials to be sold to people affected with the total or partial destruction of their

September 18 , 2017
Youth of Granma recalled Pino del Agua combat

The young people of the province of Granma came back to the combat, this time in Pino del Agua, to remember in the remote place of the Sierra Maestra, the 60th anniversary of the combative action that took place on September 17, 1957, under the command of Ernesto Che Guevara.

September 16 , 2017
Specialty of Art Instructor will reopen in Granma (+ audio)

In response to the needs with the Art Instructors in the province of Granma, this specialty will be reopened, experimentally, from next November in the territory.

September 15 , 2017
Raúl praises the hard work across the country following Hurricane Irma

The President of the National Defense Council, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, led a meeting with Party, state and government leaders on Wednesday, September 13, during which the damages caused by Hurricane Irma were evaluated, and the actions to be undertaken during the recovery phase outlined.

September 14 , 2017
Last evacuees returned homes in Granma in the face of Irma

After disappearing the flooding in low lying zones and overflow of rivers in mountainous areas, due to the heavy rains associated with Hurricane Irma, the last evacuees from the province of Granma returned home this Wednesday.

September 13 , 2017
Granma workers of Radio Cuba to help Camaguey

A brigade of the Territorial Division of Radio Cuba in Granma left for Camagüey this Tuesday  to support the reestablishment of radio and television signals in that territory, after the passage of Hurricane Irma.

September 13 , 2017
Hurricane-Struck Cuba Receives Humanitarian Aid from Venezuela

Venezuela is the first country to send humanitarian aid to Cuba, which was severely hit by hurricane Irma during 72 hours causing extensive damage and 10 dead.

September 12 , 2017
More than 400 people remain evacuated by floods in Rio Cauto (+ audio)

More than 400 people from the municipality of Río Cauto, remain in evacuation centers due to the flooding from hurricane Irma in their places of residence.

September 12 , 2017
National Electrical Union working hard to restore power

The National Electrical Union (UNE) is working hard to restore power across the country, following the damages left by Hurricane Irma. Lázaro Guerra, UNE technical director, noted that almost the entire national territory was impacted. He added that service has already been restored in the provinces of Santiago de Cuba, Guantánamo, Granma, Holguín, Las Tunas

September 11 , 2017
Ten Deaths in Cuba after Passage of Irma Hurricane

The National Civil Defense General Staff issued an official note about people who died in Cuba due to the impact of Irma Hurricane. The Caribbean nation reported the loss of ten human lives in the provinces of Havana, Matanzas, Camagüey and Ciego de Ávila. Seven of the deaths occurred in the Cuban capital and there

September 11 , 2017
School year to restart this Tuesday in Granma

Workers from the educational branch in Granma are incorporated today to the cleaning of schools, in order to get ready  to restart the school year this Tuesday, September 12.

September 11 , 2017
Advisory No. 7 from the National Civil Defense General Staff regarding Hurricane Irma

According to information provided by the Meteorology Institute’s Weather Forecast Station, as Hurricane Irma continues to move away from Cuba, the strength of its winds will continue to decline from the provinces of Villa Clara to Artemisa, while storm surges will also begin to subside from the early morning of September 11.