July 21 , 2017
Drought Persists Despite Water Availability Improvement in Cuba

Although the situation with water in Cuba has slightly improved so far in July, the drought continues, a source of the sector reported today.

July 21 , 2017
Several social works inaugurated in Granma for July 26th

Several works of social benefit are inaugurated or restored in Granma as part of the actions for the 64th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes in Bayamo to be held on July 26th .

July 20 , 2017
New health professionals graduated in Granma (+ audio

The Efraín Benítez Popa Medical Sciences College, from Bayamo, has just delivered 419 new professionals to society permeated with the necessary knowledge to carry out their work in several places at the service of Cuban medicine.

July 20 , 2017
Granma tobacco factory receives the National Vanguard Flag

The Mario Alarcón Martínez tobacco factory, located in this city, received today the National Vanguard Flag, for its general results in 2016.

July 12 , 2017
Permanent work commissions continue debates

On the second day of discussions among parliamentary work commissions – in the lead up to the Ninth Period of Ordinary Sessions of the Eighth Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP) – Cuban deputies addressed a wide range of issues linked to food production, the national economy, the education system, and social

July 12 , 2017
Deputies reject Trump’s Cuba policy

As deputies meet in the lead up to the Ninth Period of Ordinary Sessions of the Eighth Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP), the body’s International Relations Commission released a statement this July 11, in support of the declaration previously issued by the Revolutionary government on June 16, regarding the President of

July 12 , 2017
Provincial Festival of Youth and Students ended in Granma

In a day full of productivity, enthusiasm, patriotism and shared emotions, the Provincial Festival of Youth and Students concluded this Tuesday in Bayamo.

July 6 , 2017
Cuban parliamentarians reject European Parliament’s Non-Legislative Resolution regarding the island

The International Relations Commission of the National Assembly of People’s Power issued a statement expressing its strong rejection of “the unacceptable Resolution on Cuba that has just been adopted by the European Parliament,” this Thursday, July 6.

July 6 , 2017
Cuban beach volley duo to debut in Gsteed, Switzerland

The Cuban duo of Sergio Gonzalez-Nivaldo Diaz will make its debut today against the hosts Nico Beeler-Marco Krattiger, on the second day of the stop of the World Beach Volleyball Tour in Gsteed, Switzerland.

July 6 , 2017
Summer Lectures to Begin on Friday

Summer Lectures will be held from July 6 th to August 25th in the country’s provincial capitals.

July 6 , 2017
Winners of the ¨I recover raw materials¨ National Contest was awarded (+ audio)

The pioneer Rosmery Guerra Labrada sixth grade student at the Antonio Maceo elementary school in La Perla community  in the municipality of Jiguaní, Granma, won the national prize of the contest ¨I recover raw materials¨  in the category of Visual Arts.

July 5 , 2017
La Cubana restaurant reopened after remodeling process

After several months of constructive works, La Cubana restaurant opened its door to the public last Thursday and is one of the main cooking options for the summer in this city in the east of the country.

July 5 , 2017
Young people of Granma to be encouraged with Summer Camps

The exchange among young people from different sectors of society in a different space where the best productive, educational and social experiences can emerge is one of the main purposes of the summer camps, a recreational option proposed by the Young Communists League (UJC) In Granma for the months of July and August.

July 5 , 2017
Volunteers Favor the Educa Tu Hijo Program in Granma

The Educa tu Hijo (Education your child) program consolidates the comprehensive formation of children between the ages of 0 to 6 with the cooperation of volunteers in all of the territory’s People’s Councils, according to Loraine Ortega Rosales, methodologist that attends the education sector.

July 4 , 2017
Restoration of Manzanillo´s institutions to mark the 225 anniversary of the city

A wide construction program with emphasis on institutions of marked patrimonial value takes place in Manzanillo on the eve of July 11, on the 225th anniversary of the city.

July 4 , 2017
Issues on young people to debate in Granma

Masters and science doctors, university students and others will discuss on culture, identity, recreation, political action and other issues in this city at the first provincial event of  researchers on youth, to be held this Wednesday.

July 3 , 2017
Tours through historic sites, attractive proposal in Granma

The tours through sites of high historical and natural value, including some national monuments, will be attractive proposals for the people of Granma during the summer.

June 30 , 2017
Cuban economy performs as forecast in 2017

Cuban Minister of Economy and Planning, Ricardo Cabrisas, reported to the Council of Ministers that during the first six month of 2017, economy has performed as expected.

June 30 , 2017
About to begin summer 2017 in Granma

With a varied program of activities for students and families will start the summer season this Saturday, July 1st, in the 13 municipalities of the province of Granma.

June 28 , 2017
Granma achieved second place at the national knowledge contest of the Basic Secondary

The province of Granma reached second place at the national knowledge contest of the Basic Secondary education recently finished, only surpassed by Havana.

June 19 , 2017
Cuba Denounces Systematic Human Rights Violations in U.S.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Monday denounced systematic human rights violations in the United States.

June 11 , 2017
Radio Talents Awarded in Granma (+ audio)

BAYAMO .- The gala of the thirty-ninth edition of the Radio Festival in Granma, took place today in this city, after intense work sessions by juries specialized in the different categories in the contest.

June 9 , 2017
Manuel Navarro Luna Literary Event to be held in Manzanillo

Writers from ten Cuban provinces will attend to the 45th edition of the national literary event  in homage to the outstanding poet Manuel Navarro Luna, also known as the Poet of the Revolution, to be held in the  Manzanillo city from June 12 to 15.

June 9 , 2017
The University of Granma shows satisfactory results, says minister (+ audio)

The Minister of Higher Education, Doctor in Sciences José Ramón Saborido Loidi,  stressed that the University of Granma advances in all its vital processes. He highlighted the main strengths of the institution during a visit.

June 8 , 2017
Cuba: Luxury Hotel Marks a New Stage in Tourist Development

The opening of the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski Havana marks a new stage in Cuba”s tourism development, highlighted the minister of the industry (MINTUR), Manuel Marrero.

June 8 , 2017
Improvement system of Education to be applied in schools of Granma

The third improvement of education in Cuba will be applied experimentally in seven schools of Granma, from the next school year.

June 7 , 2017
Living longer and better

Explaining the focus of the 14th International Conference Longevity 2017, which began June 6 in Havana’s Convention Center, Dr. Raúl González Hernández, head of the organizing committee, told Granma, “It’s about people living as much time as possible, but that they do so with quality of life.”

June 7 , 2017
Granma carries out geographic study to integrate telecommunications services (+ audio)

The Telecommunications Company of Granma ETECSA carries out a geographic study to integrate computerization processes and systems. Manny Rodríguez Torres, specialist in the Operations Department of the entity explains.

June 6 , 2017
Provincial Radio Festival started in Bayamo

The 39th edition of the Provincial Radio Festival is being held in Bayamo with the   participantion of figures of the radial system of Granma and 70 radio programs in competition.

June 5 , 2017
Granma celebrated the World Environment Day

Inspired by the example and teachings of Fidel in relation with the preservation of life on the planet, the provincial act for World Environment Day was held this Saturday at the Cupaynicú Botanical Garden, in the municipality of Guisa.

June 5 , 2017
Our Planet Celebrates World Environment Day

To remember the importance of preserving the environment for human development is the objective of this day, which is celebrated throughout the world with actions aimed to make the international community more sensitive to this matter.

June 2 , 2017
Intensive campaign stage against mosquitoes continues in Bayamo

An intensive campaign stage against the vectors is carrying out every seven days in communities of the capital of Granma as scheduled, said Rafael Velasco Moreno, vice- director of Vigilance and Anti-vectorial Fight of the Provincial Center of Hygiene, Microbiology and Epidemiology.

June 2 , 2017
Raúl calls to continue advancing in the conceptualization of Cuba’s socio-economic model

Speaking during the National Assembly Extraordinary Session, taking place today, June 1, the President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers and First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), Army General Raúl Castro Ruz noted that on this occasion the National Assembly reviewed modifications to the Conceptualization of the Cuban Economic and Social

June 1 , 2017
Cuban Legislators Support Documents Analyzed in Plenary Session

Cuban legislators have supported the documents analyzed in the context of the Special Session of the National People”s Power Assembly, in plenary session today in the presence of President Raul Castro.

June 1 , 2017
Cuban Despaigne leads Japan´s Pacific League in RBIs and HRs

Cuban ballplayer Alfredo Despaigne had one of his best performances this season in Japanese professional baseball (NPB) when hitting 3 for 4, with a home run and two RBIs, to tie in the leadership of both stats in the Pacific League.

May 31 , 2017
“Cupaynicú” Botanical Garden to host provincial act for the World Environment Day

The Cupaynicú Botanical Garden, protected area of ​​Granma located in the mountainous municipality of Guisa, will be the seat next June 3 of the provincial act for World Environment Day.

May 31 , 2017
Raul Castro Attends Cuban Parliament’s Special Session

President Raul Castro has attended the opening ceremony of the special session of the National People”s Power Assembly (ANPP), which was convened to analyze several documents governing the economic and social life of the country.

May 31 , 2017
Commissions discuss the updating of Cuba’s socio-economic model

As part of the consultation process addressing the main issues affecting Cuban society, deputies from different National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP) permanent work commissions will meet today, May 31, to discuss the Conceptualization of the Cuban Economic and Social Model of Socialist Development, and the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Party and

May 30 , 2017
Forest fires increase in Granma

Forest fires increased to 24 during the time period from June 2016 to the end of this month in Granma, compared to similar previous stage, according to Esther Salgueiro Álvarez, head of the Environment Management Office in this eastern territory.

May 29 , 2017
Cuban Parliament to hold Extraordinary Session

The Council of State of the Republic of Cuba, as established in Articles 78 and 90 (a) of the Constitution convened the holding of an Extraordinary Session of the National Assembly of People’s Power, on Thursday, June 1, at 9:00 am, at the Conventions Center, with the aim of analyzing the following documents:

May 29 , 2017
Vice Minister of Education highlights good work of Granma

Margarita McPherson Sayú, vice- Minister of Education, stated at the seminar for the preparation of the 2017-2018 school year in Granma, that the territory has important results and is in good condition to start the next school term.

May 26 , 2017
Better works of radio awarded in Bayamo

With the award ceremony  ended this Thursday the 39 edition of the Municipal Festival of Radio Bayamo 2017.

May 26 , 2017
Pioneers of Granma closer to peasant traditions

Pioneers of Granma are carrying out typical activities of the peasants, as part of the provincial traditions festival, which will run until next May 28 in the emblematic Camilo Cienfuegos City School Center, located in the mountainous municipality of Bartolomé Masó.

May 25 , 2017
Wax sculpture of Sara Gonzalez to be unveiled at Cuban Museum

A sculpture of Sara González, popular singer-songwriter who died on February 1, 2012, will be unveiled in this city next October 20th, Cuban Culture Day, at the only wax museum of Cuba.

May 25 , 2017
Raúl congratulates television and radio workers

Republic of Cuba President of the Councils of State and Ministers Havana, May 24, 2017 Year 59 of the Revolution

May 24 , 2017
National Championship for Physically Disabled started in Granma

The national swimming championship for physically disabled began this Tuesday  at the Vicente Quesada Sports Combination of Bayamo, with the participation of 68 Cuban athletes and 15 guests from Mexico.

May 23 , 2017
A doctor from Rio Cauto training physicians in Venezuela (+ audio)

After five years of graduated and devoted herself fully to attend her patients, the doctor Daniubis Espinosa Álvarez, from Rio Cauto, experienced a radical  and unexpectedly change in her life.

May 23 , 2017
Third Central Committee Plenum approves documents on the updating of the Cuban economic and social model

Following an extensive process of popular consultation and discussion, in which more than 1.6 million Cubans participated, including Party and Young Communist League (UJC) members, representatives of mass organizations, and broad sectors of society, members of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee, meeting in their Third Plenum, approved the three documents guiding the updating

May 19 , 2017
Cubans recall José Martí in Dos Rios

The validity of Marti’s thought in the Revolution and in the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro was highlighted in Dos Rios today on the occasion of the 122nd anniversary of the death in combat of the Cuba´s National Hero José Martí.

May 19 , 2017
Tribute to José Martí on the 122th anniversary of his death in Dos Ríos

Hundreds of pioneers, youth and residents of Granma pay homage to our National Hero, José Martí, this May 19th, on the 122nd anniversary of his fall in combat.

May 18 , 2017
A giant camp- out to pay tribute to José Martí on the122nd anniversary of his death

A giant camp and a vigil will be held today in Dos Rios, to pay homage to the Apostle of Cuban Independence, on the occasion of the 122nd anniversary of his fell in combat.

May 18 , 2017
ANAP President congratulates farmers of Granma on his day (+ audio)

The President of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) Rafael Santiesteban Pozo sent a congratulatory letter to the peasants of Granma on the occasion of its day.

May 17 , 2017
Our right to land is inalienable

In a humble rural home in La Plata, the Sierra Maestra, 58 years ago, Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro signed the first Agrarian Reform Law. A few months after the triumph of the Revolution, Cuba’s land was redistributed, benefiting over 100,000 peasant families, and large private estates were transformed into state farms for the people.

May 17 , 2017
Puerto Rican Independence Fighter Oscar Lopez Thanks Cuba Support

Puerto Rican independence leader Oscar López Rivera thanked Cuba and his people for all the support given to the campaign for their freedom, definitively achieved today.

May 17 , 2017
Cuba develops medicine to combat Alzheimers

In its efforts to halt the advance of Alzheimers and improve the quality of life of people suffering from the disease, Cuba announced the launch of human clinical trials on the medication NeuroEpo.

May 17 , 2017
Internet connection project starts in peasant farms of Granma

The province of Granma is carrying out a pilot experience on computerization programs in Cuba; the internet connection project in peasant farms is one of them.

May 16 , 2017
National Week for Fire Protection in Granma

The National week for fire protection is taking place in Granma, as part of the preparation for the Exercise Meteoro 2017.

May 16 , 2017
Cuban Arlenis Sierra third in Tour of California, leads in sprints

Cuban cyclist Arlenis Sierra had an amazing performance in the 2017 Amgen Tour of California, United States, by finishing third in the women´s general individual classification.

May 16 , 2017
Due Buena Fe´s Sobreviviente wins Grand Prize at Cubadisco 2017

The album Sobreviviente, by popular duet Buena Fe, won the Grand Prize of the Cubadisco 2017 International Fair, which runs in this city until May 21st.

May 12 , 2017
Enough reasons to celebrate the Peasant’s Day in Granma

The peasants of Granma arrives on May 17th with an overage in more than 15 thousand tons of the rice plan, and many more reasons to celebrate, said Yaquelín Puebla Lachel, president of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in the province.

May 11 , 2017
Book ¨Cuba ¿fin de la historia? presented in Bayamo

 The book ¨Cuba ¿fin de la historia? ¨, by the essayist Ernesto Limia Díaz, was presented this Wednesday at the Cuban Nationality House, of this city of Bayamo.

May 11 , 2017
Higher education admission exams end today

With the examination of the History of Cuba subject concludes today in Granma and in the whole country the process of entrance exams for the 12th grade students who aspire to the University.

May 10 , 2017
Gerson Oduardo, man devoted to the radio

Gerson Oduardo Blanco began to work in the radio in 1957. Since that date and until now, at his 80 years old, he maintains an active tie with Radio Bayamo, broadcasting station which he feels to be part and with pride also celebrates along with the rest of  announcers, journalists, artists and thecnicians the 80

May 10 , 2017
Multimedia honoring Celia Sánchez in historic archives

A multimedia encyclopedia on Celia Sánchez Manduley, edited by experts from the Historical Archive of Manzanillo, is available for public consultation in these scientific institutions, disseminated all over the country.

May 9 , 2017
Media Luna recalls the heroine Celia Sanchez

With an artistic evening and the national award to the Best Production Woman, residents of Granma pay homage today to the heroine Celia Sánchez Manduley, in the Media Luna town, on the occasion of the 97th anniversary of her birth.

May 8 , 2017
Works to improve water supply in Granma (+ audio)

With the purpose of improving the water supply to the population of Granma, several rehabilitation actions of networks are carrying out, mainly, in Bayamo, the capital city of province. Engineers and technicians work to provide the quality service that the client needs. The details  here:

May 8 , 2017
Visiting Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa Receives Jose Marti Order

President Raul Castro received on Friday the visiting head of state of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, who is on an official visit to Cuba. The two presidents held talks at the Palace of the Revolution here in Havana.

May 5 , 2017
Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa to receive José Martí Order

Today, May 5, during a formal ceremony in the Palacio de la Revolución, the Ecuadoran leader will receive the José Martí Order, the highest distinction granted by the Council of State to figures from other countries.

May 5 , 2017
Granma to pay homage to the heroine Celia Sánchez

With the pride of belonging to the land of the heroine, the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) in Granma is carrying out in these days a tribute to Celia Sánchez Manduley, to mark  the 97th anniversary of her birth, next May 9.

May 4 , 2017
Holguin, a Perfect Venue for FITCuba 2017

The main recreational fair not only in Cuba, but the entire Caribbean, FITCuba 2017, is taking place in the eastern city of Holguin, the island”s fourth travel sector.

May 4 , 2017
President Rafael Correa to pay tribute to Fidel

        The President of the Republic of Ecuador, Rafael Correa Delgado, arrived in this eastern city, yesterday May 3, close to 11:00pm, and, in his first words to the press, announced plans to visit the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery to pay his respects to the “greats” Fidel and José Martí.

May 4 , 2017
Ecuador’s President Visits Cuba

Ecuador”s outgoing President Rafael Correa is today in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba where he starts a two-day visit to the island during which he”ll pay tribute to late Fidel Castro and be conferred the Order Jose Marti, the country”s highest distinction.

May 4 , 2017
Cuban Despaigne ranks Third in RBIs in Japanese Professional Baseball League

Cuban Alfredo Despaigne hit 1 for 4 and drove in two runs to help the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks to beat 14-4 the Seibu Lions on the Japanese professional baseball league (NPB). Despaigne now amounts 20 RBIs and ranks third of that stat in the Pacific League.

May 3 , 2017
University entrance exams begin today in Granma

More than two, 500 12th grader students are taking the Mathematics test in Granma today, as part of the entrance exams to choose for university degrees.

May 1 , 2017
Demonstration of unity in Granma

Thousands of people of Granma expressed their support to the Revolution and the commitment to maintain the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro´s legacy in a mass parade at the Plaza de la Patria of Bayamo.

May 1 , 2017
Cubans ratified its support to the Revolution and its leaders

Hundreds of thousands of Cubans gathered in plazas, streets and avenues to ratify their support and unconditional support to the Revolution, the Party and its historic leaders, to celebrate the International Workers Day.

May 1 , 2017
May Day celebrations in Granma

Thousand of workers along with their families participate from early this morning  in the parade for the May 1st, International Worker Day,  to rafity their unconditional backing for the Revolution.

May 1 , 2017
Raul Castro Presides Over May Day Parade in Havana

Cuban President Raul Castro is presiding over the main event on Workers” International Day at Havana”s Revolution Square, where a mass parade in defense of socialism is taking place.

May 1 , 2017
May Day parade started in Bayamo

The parade for the May Day,  Worker International´s Day just started at the Plaza de la Patria of Bayamo, capital of the province of Granma.

April 28 , 2017
Frei Betto tours important places in Bayamo

Author of more than fifty books, journalist, philosopher, theologian and activist of the Brazilian struggle, but above all endearing friend of Cuba, the honorable Mr. Frei Betto, is visiting Bayamo, the provincial capital of Granma today.

April 28 , 2017
Workers decorated in Granma on May Day celebrations

Outstanding workers from the province of Granma were awarded in Bayamo for their daily efforts and work results, as part of the celebrations for May Day, International Day of the working class.

April 26 , 2017
Fidel is very present in Cuban collaborators (+ audio)

The Bayames doctor José Miguel Santana Saborit, chief of the Cuban medical mission in the Venezuelan state of Cojedes, highlighted the favorable impact of that program in this territory over 14 years. Listen to the interview made by journalist Márcel Santana Docazal, special correspondent of the Cuban radio.

April 26 , 2017
Granma Baseball Team will head May Day parade in Bayamo

The Granma baseball team, also known as Alazanes, and champion of the last National Series, will lead the May Day parade, International Workers’ Day, in this National Monument City.

April 24 , 2017
Despite rain, Buena Fe, Casabe y Moncada gave a great concert in Bayamo

Despite the inclement weather thousands of people enjoyed this Saturday night in Bayamo of the Casabe, Buena Fe and the Moncada group´s music, who came here as part of their national tour for the 55 years of the Young Communists League.

April 21 , 2017
New hemodialysis room opened in Granma

“I could have died but I have six more years of life thanks to this service,” says Miguel Angel Guilarte, and a tear comes to his eyes.

April 21 , 2017
Special award of conservation to Fidel´s House in the Sierra Maestra

The hut located in the General Command of the Rebel Army in La Plata, where the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, lived in 1958, received special mention in the category of conservation this April 18, International Day for Monuments and Historical Sites.

April 19 , 2017
Cuban slugger Despaigne homers in Japan

Cuban baseball player Alfredo Despaigne hit his second home run of the season in the Japanese Professional Baseball League (NPB), thus contributing to the 10-3 victory of his team, Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, over the Chiba Lotte Marines.

April 19 , 2017
Homage to Carlos Manuel de Cespedes on the 198th anniversary of his birth

The people of Granma paid tribute this Tuesday to Father of the Homeland, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, on the occasion of the 198th anniversary of his birth, with a ceremony held at the Plaza de la Revolución of Bayamo.

April 18 , 2017
Second stage of anti-polio vaccination campaign started in Granma

More than 38,000 children in will be immunized in Granma against poliomyelitis during the second stage of the 56th national vaccination campaign, which started here on April 17.

April 18 , 2017
Sugar mill of Granma among the best in Cuba once again

The Enidio Díaz Machado sugar mill, which has traditionally been one with the best results in Granma province, fulfilled its sugar production plan for the eleventh year running, thanks to the most for the industrial yield of 11.52 points, the second highest in the country.

April 17 , 2017
Fidel and Cuba, lights for Latin America

Members of a Solidarity Brigade of Puerto Rico,  visiting several municipalities of Granma, highlighted  the importance of the Fidel Castro´s ideas and example  and Cuba for their country and all of Latin America.

April 17 , 2017
Cuba Recalls Beginning of Bay of Pigs Invasion

Cuba is remembering today the beginning of the mercenary invasion in Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs), an event that marked the new Cuban Socialist Revolution, 56 years ago.

April 14 , 2017
May Day in Granma, once again a great people feast

The people of Granma are preparing to celebrate with joy the May Day, International Workers Day, as a great party that will extend to all the municipalities of the province, and rural and urban areas.

April 14 , 2017
Cuban young people will sing to the Father of the Homeland in Bayamo

Young people from different Cuban provinces will participate in the Canción al Padre event, dedicated to Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, which will be held in Bayamo, from April 16 to 18, to mark the 198th  birthday anniversary of the important leader.

April 12 , 2017
Memorable concert offered Omara Portuondo in Bayamo

A great concert offered on Tuesday evening, “The Diva of the Buena Vista Social Club,” Omara Portuondo, at the Bayamo Theater, in the capital of Granma, as part of the national tour through the east region of the country.

April 12 , 2017
Fidel´s house in La Plata nominated to Conservation Prize

The hut with wooden floor and ceiling of palm leaves, occupied by Fidel Castro in the General Command of the Rebel Army in La Plata, in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, is nominated to the National  Conservation Prize in 2016.

April 11 , 2017
Cuban Foreign Minister calls to unite the Great Homeland

The 15th ALBA Political Council is taking place at a difficult time when unity, organization and solidarity are urgently needed, stated Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, this Monday, April 10, in Havana.

April 11 , 2017
Espejo de Paciencia audiovisual released in Bayamo

An animated short film entitled ¨El Poema¨, (the poem) based on the literary work ¨Espejo de Paciencia¨, was released in this city by its creator and screenwriter Omar Felipe Mauri Sierra, as part of the local program of the 26th  International Book Fair in Granma.