With the keynote speech “Innovation in livestock systems. Potentialities, impacts and challenges “, given by the Doctor of Sciences José Díaz Untoria, Director of the Institute of Animal Science (ICA), started in Bayamo the 5th Congress of Agriculture on Fragile and Degraded Ecosystems AGROMAS 2017.

At the convention hall of the University of Granma the opening of the event took place this Wednesday, with the participation of more than a hundred researches from all over the country.

Sponsored by the Jorge Dimitrov Institute of Agricultural Research, in its first day the Congress hold panels with topics related to sustainable technologies for the Production of Animal Feed and soil and water resources in sustainable agriculture.

The more than 100 participants in the event will also discuss and present their experiences and research on environmental management in ecosystems and rural innovation processes in vulnerable ecosystems.

This Thursday the keynote speech “The Cuban Agriculture in the face of climate change scenery” was given by the Doctor of Science Sergio Rodríguez Morales, director of the Research Institute of Tropical root Vegetables (INIVIT), as well as a Poster Section on Biotechnology was presented.

The AGROMAS Congress, held every two years under the auspices of the Jorge Dimitrov Institute of Agricultural Research, aims to promote the exchange of experiences that contribute to reduce the negative effects of climate change on agriculture.

The event aims to continue strengthening the mechanisms to achieve the introduction and implementation of scientific results, which propose solutions to address climate change that affects the ecosystems of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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